5 Jul 2009


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One evening we went to a restaurant in a little town near the Garda Lake in Italy. It is very nice to know people who can take you to places which are not overloaded with tourists, and rather difficult to find for them if they don't speak the language.

We ended up in this little street


Mr. Gattino and his friend


The restaurant "Villa Lega" didn't look very special from outside


But once I was in there I was really amazed ! We ate in the garden and the "roof" was these vine leaves with grapes hanging over your head.

Then our friend showed me one of the inside rooms. There was no light at all and I couldn't see anything. So I shot blindly around me with my little camera and was so surprised to discover these wonderful old frescos on the ceiling once I downloaded the photos on my computer.



Unfortunately I missed the head





It only gives an overview of this very beautiful place. The food too was excellent and there was a big choice.

After supper we went for a little walk through the town.

The city hall


and in front this fountain. there we sat and had a nice ice cream before we went home.


claudie said...

I admire the roof!! Quelles fresques!!! I would like to be with you at this place! It's like that! It was the same when I was in Venezia. We entered in a little restaurant wich wasn't so nice from the outside and inside it was super and we ate ...miam I say no more!!!

Pamela said...

please do a little edit and tell us what you had for dinner!!

Isn't that a wonderful surprise - those fresques. wow is all I can say

Vlado&Toni said...

beautiful :) i like those leaves as well ..they also do it bulgaria to use as a shade and not the fancy ones made of plastic we use around here ...

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What a charming town and restaurant. I guess there are some real advantages being married to an Italian gentleman!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed them. :)

Dr.John said...

Great pictures, as usual. That looks like sa wonderful little restaurant but I would be one of those tourists with no language skills who would never see it.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love those little out of the way cafes and restaurants that look nothing from the outside, but the inside is a big surprise.

I love those old painting on the ceiling...maybe Michelangelo used to done there!!?

Bluedreamer said...

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can you vote for my entry here

thanks a lot!!!

Melli said...

It's all so QUAINT! I just LOVE it! Eating with grapes above your head means FREE dessert! You just grab a handful! LOL!

diane said...

Thank you for a different view of Venice. I doubt I will ever get there in real life so it is good to be able to visit via your blog.

Jientje said...

Your camera did a great job in the dark, those fresco's are amazing!