31 Jul 2009


Today is Positive Day in the Blogosphere! It is the brainchild of 12 year old Diva residing with all the other dust bunnies here, she is Dustbunny's daughter. You will find other participants on her fabulous blog known as Dust Bunny Hostage.

I am definitively a positive person. With me glasses or bottles are always half full and not half empty. I always think I will find a parking space even when everybody tells me that there is none.

When I take the wrong road I think at least I have seen something else then the usual place and get not angry.

and how could I be negative when I have such a view in the morning ?


Usually I play Show & Tell. But this week I really have nothing to show or to tell about, except a few new cats for my cat collection. Therefore I thought to try this meme. Each week, normally something new should happen !

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Visit her blog to see other participants.

1. My petunias standing in a pot on our terrace, had completey dried out during our holidays in Italy. Everybody told me that they will grow back, and they did ! Even nice then before.

2. This darling innocent little cat lady discovered mouse hunting ! Now I get gifts almost everyday. I don't dare to walk barefoot anymore !

her last victim !

3. Each year beginning July Brussels' City creates a beach along the canal which leads to Antwerp. I had never been there and opened wide my eyes, palm trees in Brussels ! that was quite unusual. Fortunately it didn't rain when I took this picture.

4. When I wanted to pick up my Eurostar train ticket at our station, which I had ordered by phone the guy at the ticket window didn't know how to print out the ticket ! my chance ! He was new. After some razzle dazzle with two others, the three finally managed to print out my ticket. Behind me a long line of angry and unhappy people who wanted to buy a ticket just to Brussels !

5. We were invited to a Barbecue at our neighbor's and really had a lot of chance with the weather. In the morning it had rained but afternoon and evening was such perfect.

The son prepares the barbecue and Yanouk watches, hoping for a piece of meat !


Anonymous said...

You're right! That cat would absolutely start a cheerful day.. It's really adorable and cute, and got a sense of humor, too! :)

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO...You and your cats...that's an awesome picture. I like your attitude my friend. Happy Positive Day 2009 Aloha :)

diane b said...

Positive positive positive the way to go. I'll try to take a hint and be positive tonight.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I can't see the point in being negative...it's not going to change anything, is it? Anyway, being positive is much nicer...no stress, no anger and no heart attacks!

Maribeth said...

I love that picture of Arthur! He knows how to live!

Susanne said...

Hi Gattina! Welcome to Fave Fives!

What a great list to start you off! The beach down the street is really cool. I had never heard of that before.

Aren't cats fun? I find an occasional "surprise" from my cat in the back yard too. And that doggy is adorable. My sis used to have a dog like that.

Thanks for joining! I'll link you up because I was late this morning.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a good week. Your cat looks a lot like mine, I love black and white cats! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you on Fridays :)

DianeCA said...

Your cats have such great personalities. Don't you just love it when they bring you presents!!! they don't understand why you aren't as pleased with their catch as they are.

j said...

Oh Gattina! I agree - that view would make me feel positive too!

Thanks for playing along. I appreciate you!

Dianne said...

I love looking at the world from another perspective
if only I could hang upside down
and still get up again! ;)

great post
fantastic photos!!

Willow said...

I love your kitty! I like his outlook on life, always a little different from everyone else (except for the mouse).

Palm trees in Brussels? Crazy!

Travis Cody said...

Happy Positive Day!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Rosie the intrepid Great Mouse Hunter! Yes, it would be best to keep your shoes on...dead mice don't feel particularly nice on bare feet. Besides which, you don't want to squish it onto the carpet...eewww!

Melli said...

You had a great week Gattina! Well... except for the mice... ugh... I get those gifts too!