11 Apr 2009


Tomorrow is Easter and I have always loved it. When I was a child my mother cooked a lot of eggs and put them in bowls with different colors. There were red, green, yellow, and blue. When they were dyed she made them shiny with a piece of bacon. For this work of course I liked to help. There also were wax sticks in different colors with which you painted on still quite hot eggs making little dots and using different colors. The result was multi colored eggs.

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Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo of an egg colored with wax sticks.

When on Easter morning I had found all my real colored eggs together with chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs, I put the colored eggs in a little basket and ran out to play with the other kids our Easter games. The once I remember was letting roll an egg down a hill and the owner of the egg which wasn't broken was the winner and got from each player an unbroken (of course) egg ! The other one was kicking two eggs together and the winner again was the one whose egg had survived. Sometimes I came home with so many eggs that my mother sent me away to give them to other children !

I did the same of course with our son. I decorated the house with bunnies and little fluffy yellow chicks, Easter bunnies and a bouquet of branches with blown out colored eggs (later plastic once) little bunnies and all kind of easter decoration. (This year's decoration is below)

our eggs this year ! I put them in a triangle for Photo Hunters.

When I moved to Belgium the easter traditions were completely different. I wrote about it last year here on my old blog. No bunnies, no eggs, but bells and fishes !

Today of course it's the same. Easter egg hunts are oraganized in all cities and you see bunnies everywhere ! But the eggs are still brought by the bells of Rome !


RennyBA said...

What wonderful Easter traditions, both the one you've had when you and the one you told about last year.

Its so interesting to learn of the traditions various from country to country and family to family. I suppose you remember how we do it in our family in Norway :-)

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Btw: My first Brussels post is up.

Hootin' Anni said...

How wonderful of you to share your traditions with us today Gattina! Those are gorgeous colored eggs! And your bunny is so bright and cute!!!

Have a glorious, peaceful day tomorrow! May your Easter be blessed with all the happiness deserved!

diane b said...

Childhood memories are delightful.
Happy Easter.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Someone once remarked that Easter is the most addictive (and fattening) weekend of the year! I have bought marshmallow filled eggs for my grandkids and for the boys next door I bought caramel filled ones. Yum to both...

Melli said...

It's so funny how we all end up with the SAME traditions... even though we are worlds apart! Your eggs are beautiful! I never heard of shining them with bacon!

Happy Easter Gattina!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

All the best on Easter. My mother made an effort to do lots of the little things for us at Easter. Children seem to make us all a little more childlike.

claudie said...

Nice little bunny! I was so tired those days that I didn't take pictures of Pupils easter's decoration. and we had a big work in class to make they ended their eggs in time! On fête le lundi de Pâques demain chez ma soeur. La petite Lya (la petite fille de ma soeur) de deux ans et demi va être aux anges mais aujourd'hui elle a dû s'amuser déjà car toutes les cousines sont venues d'Italie et ont fêté Pâques avec elle!

Lifecruiser said...

Wonderful colored eggs! Interesting to make them shiny with bacon. Never heard of that before.