31 Mar 2009

MY WORLD - Good Bye Wheeping Willow

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In my world last week we had to separate from our beloved Wheeping Willow. It had shared our lives since 1975 when it was just a cute little tree. But now 34 years later it had become a very huge tree and the people who moved into the recently built houses behind our garden complained because it made too much shadow.

It was quite a difficult task because the tree also was very large and because of the houses around there was not much space.



here it started by cutting off the small branches


then one man, who looked like an alpinist and had a special safety outfit, climbed on the tree to saw the bigger branches.




The boss came to have a look if everything went well and it did !



I was fascinated by the man's work, and had the ambulance phone n° ready (not really)


He was of course secured


I thought what a hard job to do !



But everything went smooth and 4 hours later from our wheeping willow was only a small trunk left.

This had been cut off too of course and now we have a lot more light in our garden. But our cats are not very happy. Their natural cat tree is gone.


diane said...

How sad to lose such a beautiful old tree. Surely shade would be good now that summer is coming.

Mar said...

How sad, indeed! I love wheeping willows but I understand sometimes trees get too big. But they are supposed to, aren't they??

Arija said...

Taking out a mature tree is an irreversible act. I hope your neighbours regret it when the hot summer sun burns down upon them.

Jientje said...

And now I'm weeping.

Babooshka said...

This is sad. I lamnet the passing of trees, especailly ones so personal.

Hootin' Anni said...

I so love weeping willow trees...they ARE gorgeous. But I can understand the choice of trimming it down to make more sunshine...it's part of life. But still, so very sad to see it go.

Louise said...

I am sad for you. And I think that the tree has been there longer than the apartments and they have hno right to complain.

Melli said...

You have GOTTA be kidding me! You HAD to get rid of it because the neighbors complained? TOO much shadow??? That is CRAZY! That beautiful old tree gone because the neighbors don't like shade... PLEASE tell me that you really WANTED to take it down... NO WAY would someone be made to take down an OLD tree like that because NEW neighbors didn't like it's shade! NOT here in America! NEVER!

Pamela said...

I think you were MUCH TOO accommodating to your neighbors. Especially since the tree was already there.

What a loss for the birds, too.
sniff, sniff, boo hoo (I cry for the trees, with Jientje)

Clara said...

It's sad to lose a tree like that. I hope you'll be able to plant a different one in its place.

Lakshmi said...

sad to always lose old trees..they are like family

Wonder Turquette said...

C’est très triste effectivement de perdre un arbre :-( Il y a qqs années, ma voisine à l’étage inférieur avait fait casser un bel arbre qui se trouvait dans le jardin de l’immeuble parce que les voleurs pourraient grimper sur cet arbre et entrer chez elle! Retournée du boulot dans la soirée et ayant vu que l’arbre avait disparu, j’avais vraiement disputé avec elle et j’avais vraiement souffert de la mort de ce bel arbre.


Dr.John said...

Great pictures but losing a tree is like losing a friend.

claudie said...

Pauvre arbre!Mes voisins m'ont fait le même coup quand ils ont acheté ici! On a dû couper deux magnifiques chênes! Et ils ont essayer de continuer avec des arbres encore plus loin de la limite mais on a fait la sourde oreille!!! Il pleut! et je suis crevée! A cause des pollens ! je crois que je vais devoir prendre des antistaminiques à nouveau! grrrrr

soulbrush said...

my hubbyhas justdone this for my son's tree, but he isn't a tree surgeon. it had to be done as the tree is too old.

Erin said...

oh how sad to lose a long time friend. i always get upset when a tree comes to the end of its life.

sorry to hear your beautiful katkids are upset about their tree ^,,^

wanted to say they are oh so cute...

lovesmukiwa said...

Wow, That's so sad.
We just purchased an acreage and have big plans to plan LOADS of trees - and no neighbours to complain about the shade!