30 Mar 2009

FUN MONDAY - Easter Baskets

Jeanna at Wisconsin Candy Dish proposed the topic "Easter Baskets": Share a story, is it better to give or to receive, what would you like in yours?

As far as I know we don't get any gifts at easter. Not in Belgium, not in Germany and not in Italy.

Children usually get an empty basket and have to search for easter eggs, real once in all colors or out of chocolate and little or big chocolate easter bunnies. If they have a garden and it is not raining they do their researches outside. Otherwise it's inside the house.


When I was a child my grandma used to tint the eggs herself in all colors, red, blue, green, yellow and my Grandpa would hide them in the garden but so nicely that sometimes one year later we still found eggs from the year before.

I did the same when our son was little and we colored the eggs together. Today I do easter decoration maybe a little different than the one you see above which I did last year. I haven't done any easter decoration yet because it is a little too early. Maybe next week.


Hootin' Anni said...

Love the photo Gattina. My fun monday won't be up 'til tomorrow [it's not 10 AM yet here]...but I'm enjoying your post right now.

That stuffed bunny is precious. As is your kitty.

That's about the way it was for us kids when I grew up too...Easter church, then the egg hunt. No Easter Bunny for us...the tradition started when we had kids of our own tho.

diane said...

My mother in law from Switzerland introduced me to colouring eggs with onoin skins and we continued the tradition here when our kids were little. Later with my school class we used candles, wax and vegetable dye.But now we just boil eggs. (no kids involved)

Jeanna said...

Pretty basket.
I miss dying the eggs, but don't really want to do it myself, since half the fun was complementing each others eggs. That doesn't sound right.
I love the idea of an empty basket you have to fill up, kind of like Halloween.
Not in Italy, are you sure?

Melli said...

I'm surprised you didn't have an Easter Kitty that came to your house! :) I haven't decorated yet for Easter either. Luz just got back from Texas, so I will decorate soon!

ChrisB said...

I love your photo Gattina. My grandchildren used to make baskets and collect eggs that the Easter Bunny has left hidden in the garden or the house (depending on the weather).

Sayre said...

We didn't get toys with our baskets - it was all jellybeans, peeps and malted milk ball eggs - with a few chocolate eggs thrown in. Not much though - it was too hot for chocolate outside!!!

Love your picture - and your cat is beautiful! I'm partial to that natural-looking sort (I have two of those).

jill said...

your cat seems to be enjoying them

claudie said...

what a nice easter decoration you did last year! i will put some pictures in my classroom because we have begon the easter decorations since last week! I'm on holiday the 17th April but could still work all the mornings of the first week and give lessons to pupils but not sure.

Janis said...

WE dyed eggs at Easter when I was growing up also. Our baskets consisted of candy and eggs. Its a different generation and now the kids get toys in their baskets as well. Your decorations are pretty.

The Church Lady said...

Very interesting. I always wondered what the customs are in other countries. We will be dying our eggs on Sunday. I will probably post the ones that turn out pretty! Thanks for sharing FM.