8 Mar 2009


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In my age I am mostly invited to funerals. But this time it was a marriage ! Two years ago a young couple had bought a house in our street, the owners had moved into a flat, they were too old to keep the house.

To my and all other neighbour's surprise we suddenly were invited to their wedding !

The wedding took place in the church "St. Fran├žois d'Assise" in Waterloo, which I had never seen.


A little girl and a little boy should walk in front of the couple carrying two white baloons.


The little boy refused and cried and sobbed until the little girl took both baloons and walked alone in front of the couple. We all laughed, he showed already that marriage was nothing for him !


the inside of the church had beautiful windows



the happy couple


Greating everybody in front of the church


They had arrived in this little car and it also took them to


this old farm which had been modernized and transformed into a restaurant with a big reception for weddings or other celebrations.

and I was happy too ! outside I discovered the first signs of spring !!


Maribeth said...

Thank you for this breath of life this morning. My father and a friend of mine are both very near death. I needed to see something that affirms life!
Such a lovely bride!

Jientje said...

Spring at last!!!
How wonderful to be able to attend to a wedding Gattina!! The bride looks wonderful!

Melli said...

Oh what a LOVELY wedding! You know... I guess EVERYwhere has a St. Francis of Assisi Church... That one is a beauty! I noticed the crocus out in MY yard today too! YAY! I haven't photographed them yet though... I've been so busy I can think!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous wedding! Sure you had good time there! Beautiful yellow flowers!

diane b said...

Beautiful pictures. Better than a funeral.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

That dress was stunning. Beautiful bride.

Linnea said...

Wow! That is a stunning looking couple! I love her dress, too. Thanks for sharing these...

Anonymous said...

You have spring????!!!! We still have snow!!! It's not fair....

Oh, lovely surprise wedding invitation. And the windows in the church are just gorgeous!!!!