10 Mar 2009


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This shows you my world during economical crisis and recession. If I wouldn't hear every day in the News that we are poor and nearly starving I could hardly believe it.

Before the economical crisis, my world looked like this :


a peaceful pasture (the cows are on strike)


Exactly one and a half year later because of economical crises, a new shopping mall is built on this beautiful place.


Another shop a little farer. Logically there must be people who still shop ??


and houses grow like mushrooms in my street and not the smallest once. There still must be money, because credits for a house are hard to get and you have to have at least 30 % of the value cash on your bank account.

Honnestly I prefer the time we didn't have any recession and economical crisis in Waterloo !

(more about that in the post below)


Unknown said...

That's more than just a little strange and sad (the shopping mall part).
I don't understand a lot of things either.
Maybe better that way, sigh :(

Indrani said...

Your world definitely looked lot better and greener before recession. :)

Jientje said...

I have seen it happen in our previous house, the cows disappeared and houses were built! Ewww!

chrome3d said...

Every place has changes for better or worse.

antigoni said...

Beautiful photos. Great place.

Louise said...

I hope the bottom doesn't fall out soon and leave everything half-finished!

imac said...

Yup, same here.
Keep taking the services away from our hospital - but more houses being built and more new shopping centres - but small shops closing down.

Tarolino said...

Isn't that just a bomber. Such a lovely view of nature's own glory in ruins because of the 'money rules' world we live in. And for what? Were will all the customers to all these 'shopping paradises' come from? New ones are built up - old ones die down. What's the point in that?
I too wonder about this glorious new world of ours.

soulbrush said...

the whole world is going crazy.

Lilli & Nevada said...

The recession is hitting everywhere

Anonymous said...

I agree, your world looks a lot better when it was greener before the recession. It did happen to us here too..it's sad.

diane b said...

Development???Hate it or love it???
Life goes on, easy for some harder for others. Sad to lose your green space.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

the recession is hitting people here in the us in different ways. i work and our house is paid for so we are fortunate in that way. but, things are more expensive than a year ago...gas, food, utilities and such.

liked the shot of your kittykids...now i know they are going to have to catch mice ^..^

take care.

Anonymous said...

the green space was so beautiful. Like you I prefered the landscape before the recession!

Anonymous said...

Hm. I don't like it when it grows like that.... I prefer the cows too!