14 Mar 2009


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Last week I had to drive 4 year old Ginda to the Wimbeldon Tennis Club, where activities for little children were made during school holidays.

I picked her up, she climbed in my car and I drove. A few minutes later she asked me if I knew where the Wimbledon Tennis was. I said, yes of course I know, I even played Tennis with your grandma there.

When ? she asked. Oh, I said looong time ago ! Hhhm I heard, because you are in the wrong direction !

I ? in the wrong direction ? Impossible although I never find my way, this way I knew even blind. When we arrived close to the Tennis Club she said : You are wrong, I am sure !

Meanwhile we talked about Rosie, which Ginda had known since she had been a tiny kitten.
She also explained to me that when I do my laundry I have to separate white from colored laundry, because her grandpa hadn't listened to her and the white laundry was red ! I was stunned !

Then we arrived at destination and what did I see ? "Waterloo Tennis Club" and not Wimbeldon, I was completely wrong and she was right, I had mixed up both clubs.

I excused myself and said I am so sorry, now I drive you to the right place. Yes, she said, but I show you the way ! I have a GPS, which I hadn't put on, but now I had a live GPS in form of a four year old girl.

You have to turn left, she said ! LEFT ! I am 65 and still don't know where left and right is and have always to recall that my wedding band is on the left hand, that way I don't mix up the directions. Ginda didn't have any problem. She ordered me to go straight ahead and after a while explained to me that if we would turn left here, we would arrive at her home ! I could only nod.

Shortly before the Wimbledon Club she said : now slow down and turn left. I obeyed. Take the parking on the right, there is an empty space, she continued. I did, stopped the car and helped her out. Together we went in and she kissed me good bye, but before I had time to turn around and leave, she shouted behind me "and don't forget to go to my house at noon and feed Pims "! Pims is her labrador and big love. I swore I wouldn't forget.

Now I wonder if I was like her when I was 4 years old ! certainly not as I am still unable to make the difference between left and right. And honnestly between us I have also put colored laundry with white one together not that long ago !

Ginda lives together with her Dad and Grandpa since her grandma my best friend passed away 10 days ago and I wonder if she thinks that her men need a woman in the house, because she also helps cooking and pays attention that there is no dust on the furniture !!

My little GPS with Rosie


bonggamom said...

She sounds like a sweetheart! BTW I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your best friend.

Anonymous said...

Only 4 years?! but she looks more as you says! she seems already a little "bonne femme" who knows so much! Sure I wasn't so mature at 4 years old!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

wow - what a gorgeous and clever 4 yr old.
I don't know many 4 yrs old that mature and good at directions.

Melli said...

Oh Gattina! She is a DOLL! And yes! So smart! HOW did 4 become sO smart??? I'm sure we never were! But Luz does the same thing... she knows where she goes on a regular basis - and it really frustrates her if I know a different way and take it! LOL! Your little Ginda is a just too cute!

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I also have a four year old who sounds surprisingly like young Ginda. He doesn't know what a GPS is (we don't have one) - but he's amazed that the blinkers know which way to send the car ... and will tell me that such and such lives down that street etc.

He also offered to drive to get pizza one night. When asked how he would drive the car he remarked:
You use the wheel to turn the car, you pull up the brake so the car can move and you honk the horn to say goody-bye" ... the after a moments reflection said "I probably should get driving lessons before I drive though!"

Definitely a story to put a smile on your face. Here via lightenings blog party.

You can find my entry here http://jodicleghorn.blogspot.com/2009/03/fascinatingly-shit.html but it does have some swearing and reference to zombie movies!

maryt/theteach said...

She's a sweetheart, Gattina! And kids today even at 4 know so much more than we did at that age. I'm sure of it! :)

Dr.John said...

Now that is one very smart four year old. I bet next time you will listen to her.

Vlado&Toni said...

aawww such a sweet girl...I'm glad she has you as her neighbor, that way she still has some womanly influence in her life. also you can share a lot with her about your best friend when she grows older..

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow, that little girl is very smart. But kids are these days, aren't they? Still, being with two men, she would have to be smart to keep them in their places...lol.

Unknown said...

That's a sweet story. Ginda sounds very smart and observant! What a treasure she is.

Pamela said...

OH my -- a kid who knows where she is going!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.

A lovely story about your neighbour girl. :)

Happy Smiley Saturday.