17 Jan 2009

SMILEY SATURDAY - Is this train running on Sundays ?

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Some trains don't run on Sundays. Therefore I called the Belgian Train Infomation service just to ask this one question. "Is the train to X running on Sundays ???"
I dialed the number and got immediately an answer, but not for my train ! I heard a friendly female voice :

Voor flemish .... n° 1
Pour français ... n° 2
Für deutsch .... n° 3
For english push n° 4

I pushed on n° 2
The voice asked me if I want informations about trains in Belgium or international trains. Telling me which n° to push. I pushed 1 for the Belgian trains.

Now the voice wanted to know if I needed the ticket fee or the time schedule n° 1 and n° 2
I pushed n° two !

Now a voice told me that all lines were busy and that they would answer me asap. Music came out of my receiver. I switched on the loudspeaker, listened to the music which wasn't really my taste and started to make my bed, then the bed of Mr. Gattino, then I put dishes in the dishwasher, fed the always hungry cat Lisa for the X time, and finally went to the bathroom always carrying the phone with me. When I sat where you usually sit in a bathroom for some very personal business, a deep male voice suddenly asked me what I wanted to know and this sudden voice caused me a shock. I was happy to sit were I sat. I asked him "Is there a train to X on sundays" and he answered me "no".

Ok then I take my car.

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Anne Vis said...

:-) Cute post! Well written and makes me smile! :-) Give my hugs to Lisa ... I know another Lisa, also forever asking for more food ... :-)

Hootin' Anni said...

Too good Gattina!!! You always come up with the best posts that I so enjoy.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh doesn't it just drive you MAD? I hate automated messaging!!! How I yearn to speak with REAL people again!

eastcoastlife said...

Yes. You were not mad!
How much do you have to pay for this phone call? Maybe you will be mad when you see the phone bill. :P

Dr.John said...

All that waiting for a no. How sad.

Jana said...

There is train service from here to Seattle. One of these times I'd like to take the ride, its more a novelty or last ride available, and I'd never take it in the winter time over the mountains. Usually the first thought to anywhere in the US is I'll take my car - even to the corner grocery store.

Jana said...

you're very patient, and nice to see you putting your multi tasking to work, good job!

Vlado&Toni said...

;) at least you got free music while doing all those things.. i have no patience to wait at all ;(

TorAa said...

I've long ago given up to find of railway Schedules by all other means but internet.

i beati said...

hilarious love your cats on the monitor heading sandy

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they didn't have a hidden camera in the phone and that's why he answered when he did?