13 Jan 2009


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My world this week was completely white and blue ! It had snowed in Brussels/Waterloo for the first time since 7 years !

I propose a little walk through the streets where I live

our house
our house

the neighbour's cow with a white cover

the little garden dwarfs

the weeping willow in our garden

One of the useless little roundabouts

looking down my street


not easy to drive

the little wood nearby

an overlook down the hill where I live

our letter box

another little round about

Locus house

our street
the other side of the street

and cat Arthur for once fitting in the white landscape !


Mar said...

Wonderful scenery, snow and sunshine!
Love the dwarfs playing in the snow, although I am no fan of such garden decoration,lol.

Babooshka said...

Wonderful vitual walk thrpugh your snowy streets and Arthur does look likt the cat from critters post.

Melli said...

Your neighborhood is sooo pretty all dressed in snow! And I can NOT believe that one of your neighbors has a LIFE SIZE Cow Parade cow! How COOL is that!!! Oh, I want one soooo bad! Though I admit I would even rather to have a Chesapeake Bay Seahorse! Or a Belgian Elephant! That would do too! That's quite a little gnome gathering going on in that other yard! Cute.

antigoni said...

Great and funny photos.

fishing guy said...

Gattina: I must say I thought your snow dwarfs was the best capture.

Arija said...

Waterloo looks lovely clad in snow with the matching accessory of a snow-cat!

SandyCarlson said...

The snow is so cheerful to look at!

Diamond said...

This looks very beautiful Gattina.

Hootin' Anni said...


claudie said...

Chance you have ! I would want to see the snow too! But it was snowing on Marseille and not in Ollioules!