30 Dec 2008

MY WORLD - Waterloo station

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Usually when people hear "Waterloo" they think of the Abba song or the place where the famous battle took place, the Lion and Napoleon.

But Waterloo is also a little town, very much appreciated by Americans, Britts and Scandinavians, because we have an American and a Scandinavian school here. The reason why we moved to Waterloo like so many people living in Brussels, was that Waterloo still had something of a country side with farmers and cows and is so near to Brussels. Of course the town has changed especially since the city did a lot of publicity to attract tourists to visit the battle field. People living here are mostly working in Brussels and quite a few take the train !

In front of the station is a huge parking space where you can leave your car for the day, take the train, have no worries with traffic jams and 20 min later you are in the city center of Brussels.

The front

and the back of the station

If it's raining you can wait here

for the train

and this is the "rue de la Station", the "Station road" which leads from the center to the station and hasn't changed very much over the years, neither did the station itself.


chrome3d said...

Thanks for sharing your Waterloo. I have been to Belgium many times but never there. Maybe some day.

Arija said...

Lovely little place. The battle of course did nt rage around Waterloo, it was the Iron Duke who always titled titled his despatches from where ever he cmped the niht before. Glad you live outside Brussels, the pollution can get quite bad there.
Well presented post.

babooshka said...

I also think of Waterloo Station in London. You are right we often forget the origins of names. Yo are also right about Snaefell too- snow mountain.

D Herrod said...

How pretty.

Gaelyn said...

Thank you for the tour of a piece of your world. Nice old train station. Too bad about the graffitti.

Happy New Year!