4 Oct 2008


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On my way to the supermarket I heard my horoscope in the radio. This gave me the idea to surf the net a little and find my daily horoscope !

This was then what was supposed to happen yesterday :

"Let yourself do something nice -- for yourself! It's one of those days when everyone else seems to be taking care of themselves, so there's no reason for you to break your back for them. Send this page to a friend."

I took care of myself by pulling a big caddie with 4 enormous Asters plants (in pots !) to my car, unloaded them and plant them while everyone else seemed to take care of themselves. I didn't send any page (or Aster) to a friend.

To be absolutely sure that I acted the correct way according to my horoscope I had taken a second one :

A huge array of mixed influences points to some communication difficulties today. It's not a great day those heavy talks. If there is something you really want to get off your chest, then it might be wise to hold off for a couple of days. Having fun certainly isn't out of the question!

Of course I had communiction difficulties with 2 Asters pots in my arms which I wanted really to get off my chest ! I couldn't wait for a couple of days standing like this ! I don't know if planting Asters is having fun, anyway not for me !

I also informed myself about my chinese horoscope, I am a goat after all and think that goats love asters. Here is what it said :

It's time to clear the air in an important personal relationship. Honesty is the best policy, but you can phrase things gently if you try.

I couldn't clear the air yesterday because it was raining cats and dogs and my personal relationship had his afternoon nap. I tried to phrase gently the fact that he could have helped me with the Asters and I certainly was honnest !

Today's Fortune Cookie:
"The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live."

And that was not right either because we had fish !! and anyway what about Vegitarians ??


Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh dear, Gattina, the stars had it in for you didn't they? I hope the asters survived all those malign influences and that your personal relationship awoke from his sleep refreshed and ready to go into a deep and meaningful conversation. Fat chance, eh??

Overall, I think they were bum horoscopes...as mine usually are. Especially the ones that say my finances are looking up...yep, looking up at me and saying...What? spending more money!

Marita said...


Those predictions never seem to line up with my reality.

Eppie said...

Horror Scope! :O

Some of my friends have gone to psychics and tarot card readers and some go to church. I guess that is part of the mystery of life and part of the journey: You never know – and can never predict – how your life is going to go. You just have to wish for the best.

Russ said...

Very interesting about the horoscope. There are those that would say it is all in the way you read them.Psychics Tarot Cards and Church is all a part of life. It makes the world go round. Just have fun with what ever you decide to do.
You have a nice blog.
Mine is kind of different http://reikihospice.com/unknown
The unknown Plus it deals with a lot of do you believe or not.
However my wife 's blogs are all down to earth. They revolve around our granddaughter.
Grand mother Wren
Thanks for being there!

Melli said...

ROFL! EVEN if you were to take horoscopes seriously THESE have you going in opposite directions! One says today is NOT a good day for heavy discussions - wait for another day... the next one say today IS the day just choose your words carefully! How can the moon and the stars be SO CONFUSED???

TorAa said...

haha - and people really believe in this supernatural nonsense

We are sad, last night in the summerhouse this season----

claudie said...

When I was 10, I fast daily was reading my horoscope! now when driving I hear it on the radio I just hope to hear nice words for my day! and if i hear something bad I hate it and change the station!

Swampy said...

Whenever I read my horoscope, which isn't often, I always read all the others...for some strange reason, they all relate to me in some way...h-m-m-m!

Be sure to stop by when you have time to read my Breast Cancer Awareness post.

Lightening said...

I think looking after ourselves is something we could all do with focusing a little more on. Thanks for joining us in Smiley Saturday this week. Lovely to have you on board. :)