30 Sep 2008


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Pub calls time on equine regular

Peggy had a taste for John Smiths beer and pickled onion crisps
A Tyneside pub has called time on one of its regular visitors after the premises were refurbished.
Peggy, a 12-year-old mare, used to enjoy a pint of beer and a packet of crisps alongside her owner. However, she is no longer allowed to prop up the bar following a refit which included new carpets.The horse still accompanies her owner, on his trip to the pub but has to stay tethered outside. That's not nice ! I am sure the horse is cleaner than some of the clients !

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For sale : Second hand camera, contains top secret terrorist records and pictures

A SECOND-HAND camera sold on eBay by a top MI6 agent held secret records used in the fight against al-Qaeda terrorists. Names, snaps, fingerprints and suspects’ academic records were found in the memory of the digital device. The Nikon Coolpix camera was snapped up on the auction website by an innocent 28-year-old deliveryman who lives with his mum. He discovered the secret material as he downloaded pictures from a US holiday. No wonder that terrorists can lead a nice life if secret agents are so generous with their informations ! Poor young man I am sure he would have prefered some pictures of naked beautiful girls !

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What caused the crunch? Men and testosterone

Never mind mortgage-backed securities - the reason why confidence in the banking system collapsed was too much testosterone. With more women on the trading floor, risk-taking would be a saner business After all, it is men who dominate the financial system that got us into this mess; it is men, by and large, whose trading inflated the profits of banks to levels that now seem like the stuff of testosterone-fuelled fantasy. I fully agree ! that's what I always said !

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Cow chases bear away
Residents of a rural Colorado town say a cow named Apple chased off a bear that had climbed into her favorite apple tree. Jack McDonald of Hygiene, about 30 miles northwest of Denver, said the bear had climbed out of the tree when the cow approached it Sunday afternoon.
McDonald says the animals touched noses and hung out together for a bit before Apple chased the bear off. I am really sad that we don't have a bear in the neighborhood, I so much want to see a cow climbing behind a bear on an apple tree !

Man claims penis amputated without consent
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - A Kentucky man who claims his penis was removed without his consent during what was supposed to be a circumcision has sued the doctor who performed the surgery. Sorry no pictures available of "before" and "after" the operation !

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Pony-size pig holds woman captive, sent to stud

A pony-size pig who held an Australian woman hostage for 10 days inside her home has been removed to a piggery. The 176 pound pig, nicknamed Bruce, kept self-confessed animal lover Caroline Hayes, 63, in her farmhouse near Uki, in northern New South Wales State, with aggressive demands to be fed, even headbutting her bedroom door at night. Now isn't that romantic ? being the hostage of a pig ? Thats far more interesting than being the hostage of some boring terrorists !



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Maribeth said...

Thanks for making me giggle. The Bavarian Judge just crushed me.

Melli said...

Gattina... I don't know HOW you do it! You must spend hours scanning the WEIRD news websites to come up with these dillies! I DO hope the HORSE has a beer and some crisps delivered outside to him... I'd hate the poor fella to go without! OY!

Lifecruiser said...

I just come to think about what a beer bill that horse could have... considering how much they drink.... *giggles*

I agree with Melli though, I hope he gets his share outside. Maybe a good thing so the owner and the horse in on the same level.

The pig story is the best. Maybe not for her though.

Eppie said...

Just finished watching the movie, "Road to Guantanomo".Al-Qaeda & US Army both give me creeps!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

As a fellow lover of pigs I am embarassed that a woman would be intimidated with a 176 pound pig. That isn't even market weight yet. What would she do if it weighed 950 pounds, which one of mine did. I guess the lesson is to not let the cute piglet in the house if you cannot handle the full grown boar.