30 Oct 2008


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There are many kinds of blogs. Here are 13 examples

1. The sober once, just a very simple Blogger template nothing else and nothing in the sidebar

2. The very religious once mostly in black with crosses, Jesus, (or Jesusses) saints and bible citations.

3. The military blogs with camouflage pattern background, machine guns, flags and uniforms and as "music" gun shots !!

4. The racist once (mostly in black too) with flags, pictures of ugly and hateful looking arabs, often also Bin Laden and as saviour Mr. Bush and now Mr. McCain.

5. Political blogs decorated with political photos, quotes and the head of the favourite candidate

5. Cute blogs with dolls, flowers, and pets

6. Romantic blogs all in pink, with laces and little daisies

7. Blogs with a little flower wall paper, so that you feel like home in your bedroom

8. Dog lover blogs, with little or big dogs all over

9. Cat lover blogs, the same but with cats

10. Photo blogs, a simple dark background and a lot of pictures

11. Recepe blogs, usually very simple too

12. Mom blogs, full of baby and breastfeeding pictures always in pastel colors

13. The green thumb blogs. Where you can find yourself in a jungle !

your blog outfit depends on knowledges in webdesign.


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Dress Sahra Palin - left : for her campain 40.000 € - right : for the victory 80.000 € - below : for Irak 100.000 €

From Belgian cartoonist "Kroll"


Puss-in-Boots said...

I like the Sarah Palin cartoon (snigger). Is that woman for real???

Anonymous said...

I have seen many examples of all those kinds of blogs! You describe them very well.

SandyCarlson said...

Then there are the Loving Life blogs where people are themselves and doing their best to enjoy the company of others. I would place you there, Gattina!

Journeywoman said...

I guess I'm sober and political.

Great list. Happy TT!

Carmen said...

I'm a travel blog. :)

I can't dress Sarah Palin, I don't make enough money. :)

Unknown said...

I must be unique, I'm not on your list LOL Love the paper doll. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

You have a real knowledge of the different blogs! Quel bon esprit d'analyse! Je t'envie! tu devrais faire du journalisme!
Ha! Ha pour Sarah Palin! J'envoie ce dessin immédiatement à mon BIL, il va se bidonner!

Denise Patrick said...

I don't fit into your categories, but that's okay. I've been marching to a different drummer for most of my life - I don't suppose I'll stop now! But, I love your blog - especially the pictures of your cats.

Happy TT!

Melli said...

LOL! (the Sarah Palin cartoon) Now I'm wondering WHICH of the 13 types MY blog fits into!? None of them really captured "me"...

Anonymous said...

I guess mine is more on the boring #1 side. I don't know how to dress it up and I get comfortable with things being the same.

I'm distracted and laughing at those murderous cats down below.

Lazy Daisy said...

I like the blogs that people are just themselves and give us a glimpse of their life.

Anonymous said...

No artist and colorful blog? That's YOU!!!!

Hm... and where am I....? Maybe in some kind of dream-away blog category? *giggles*

BTW: SNOW? Brrrr.... I DO NOT envy you...

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

I guess I fall under number 7! Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I don't have any idea where I fit! I'm so so so glad I'm not some of those though. Yep. G

Patsy said...

I wonder which one I am. I think I tend to be the first one --- not much going on except a quick blurp most days.

Yasmin said...

Great post...as for me I'm a book blogger with a dash of my own thinking out loud moments...Happy TT...check out my post here:

Forgetfulone said...

I wonder which one I am. It's hard to tell for yourself. This was a great TT! I'd love to have some Belgian chocolates! Thanks for stopping by my blog.