27 Oct 2008


Our host for this week Sayre gave us this assignment :

Tell us about your favorite Halloween as a kid (pictures, if you have them!), and show us your costume for this year. If you're not dressing up, show us a picture of a pumpkin carving that really tickled your fancy or how you decorated your house.

more participants here at Sayre

I had to modify this assignment a little because :

I have never celebrated Halloween until I started blogging in 2006 ! When my son was little nobody did it and I think I hadn't even heard of it.

When I saw all these wonderful costumes and decorations full of phantasy and creativity on especially American blogs, I started to look around and noticed that Halloween had started in Belgium too !

My town Waterloo since a few years organizes a Halloween party for the children in the city park and all the American citizens living in Waterloo started to show to the Waterloo people how to celebrate Halloween.

There is a pumpkin competition, a witch danse and a lot more. So now each year I go there to have a look and take some pictures. The real party starts when it gets dark but in the afternoon there are also activities and for photography daylight is of course better.

The Waterloo city parc, people start arriving

Isn't that an adorable little pumpkin ?

Rehearsal for the witch dance

Dad watches

not really a witch !

Visit on the graveyard, how sad !

A dragon too is invited

A brave dad shows how it works !

Two witches together ? Not a good sign !

A Halloween butterfly

and a little devil !

another pumpkin


Melli said...

I'm thinking Halloween is probably MORE fun in Waterloo - because it IS a new thing! I really WONDER how this silly holiday got started! WHO DREAMS UP THIS STUFF???

(i wonder it at Christmas too -- who was the first NUT who decided to bring a TREE in the HOUSE and light candles on it???) LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment but I don't see it :(
Those ghosts are playing games on me...
I was saying that maybe Harry Potter has contributed to the rapid spreading of Halloween to the rest of the world.
Spanish people like their own tradition on Oct 31st: roasted chestnut and sweet wine, but the kids like the costumes better! happy monday, Gattina, still confused with the winter time and the changing of the clocks, bwaaahahaha

Rinkly Rimes said...

Your Halloween pictures make me wish we made more of a 'thing' of it here in Australia. It's hardly mentioned and there are no parties that I know of. Maybe because it's getting so hot. I associate your sort of Halloween with bonfires, not swimming!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Those kids are just so cute in their costumes, Gattina. Looks like a lot of fun. It's funny how Halloween has gradually taken on around the world...thanks to our friends from the US!

Reader Wil said...

How wonderful, Gattina! Belgium does more about Halloween than Holland, I think, though I remember, that since the books of Harry Potter were published people are more interested in witches, ghosts and other mysterious beings. Actually it's no wonder with all that dreary weather. Your set of photos is so lovely especially those little kids dressed up as pumpkin and witch. Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina.
Wonderful photos of halloween celebrations,Love all the little kids dressed up, little Pumpkin is a real little cutie..

We dont celebrate halloween in Australia..

Hootin' Anni said...

So darned adorable!!! I just love Halloween and the kids!

My costume this year, in all my glory, is posted for Fun Monday....

::::witch's cackle::::

karisma said...

Im with you, we have never celebrated here either! I am however coming around to the idea, looks like loads of fun. That little pumpkin is utterly adorable! I am late with my fun monday this week, hopefully will get it up tomorrow.

Sayre said...

Looks like Halloween is done up right where you are! Kids in costumes are just so darned cute!!!
Thanks for playing along today!

Heather said...

That first little pumpkin was way too darling! And i loved hte two matching witches. Thanks for sharing with us how it's done in your little corner of the world.

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun time ! The kiddos are darling. I especially love the little punkin'.
Have a wonderful hobgoblin week.

I'm out of here to go eat some of the candy I bought for the Trick or Treaters.

Tracey9AD said...

So much fun! I love how much the kids enjoy it!

Tiggerlane said...

That is so incredibly cool that this tradition has started in Waterloo! Oh, the creativity will get better each year. And the kids - there's nothing as precious as kids in Halloween costumes. Enjoy!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh very cute. Halloween is getting bogger over here too. fab. :D