11 Oct 2008


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This week I was really spoiled ! I got two emails ! One announcing me that I won 1 mill £ in the British lottery ! Now isn't that something ? The whole evening and night I was thinking of how to spend all this money and found out that really I had no use for it. But then in the morning I got another email, this time a company offered me to buy land on Mars ! Imagine ! I living on mars and with my win I had the money to buy the whole planet because the land was very cheap ! But then I thought it over, what is on Mars exactly ? I had heard in the news that there is water so there must be a sea which I love ! But are there also cats ? and how would Mars cats look like ?

What a difficult situation for me ! I racked my brain over and over !

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I imagined cats like this for example and then how would the inhabitants look like ?

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Like this ? A little boozed and a little curious ?

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or aggressif ?

As I could buy the whole planet I would be a kind of Queen of Mars or Mrs President without elections !

After a careful consideration in all directions I finally found the solution !

I wrote the British lottery with the email address they had given me. I wanted to stay anonymous because of the generous decision I had taken ! I told them that they could keep the money, that I really don't need it and at the same time I gave them the address of the company where they could buy land on Mars ! I thought they will be very happy that they can keep the money and do a good investment on Mars.

To the Real Estate company I answered that British lottery will buy the whole planet because I had decided to stay here on good mother earth where I have the sea and mountains, and not to forget, cats !

I also advised the friendly person who asked me to invest 1 mill $ for her to better keep it and put it under her matress because of the actual bad situation on the financial market. I think this was only my duty to tell her

Sometimes getting spam mail makes really happy !


Puss-in-Boots said...

Heehee! I really like your solution, Gattina. I, too, received an email telling me I had won lots of money in a British lottery, but I didn't get the Mars one. That would have been different. According to some of the emails, I have been chosen for so many things...all I have to do is send money. Funny how many of these schemes need one to send money...

Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! Well, I do believe you came up with the PERFECT solution allllllll the way around! BRAVO Gattina!

The Good Witch said...

I get these mails daily. Don't they get sick of it? the moment I see it I hit the delete button.

C said...

Hehehe, I love it! And I also love your Halloween pics in the previous post. :)

PS: Not sure if you've seen it on my blog at all but five years ago I was an exchange student in Belgium for a year, I loved it there so much!! Belgium will always be my second home. I lived with three different families near Louvain la Neuve, Wavre and Ottignies and I even went back this past winter for my host sister's wedding! My sister was an exchange student too but she was in Germany, near Bonn.

Anonymous said...

ROFLOL - perfect solution to a rather frustrating problem. :) Love your sense of humour. Thanks for joining Smiley Saturday this week.

Anonymous said...

I love your spin on spam e-mails !!!!

This gave me a real chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Witty kitty, that's you :-)