7 Oct 2008


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Lost penguins get Brazil air lift

Some of the penguins are thought to have travelled 3,000km. Hundreds of penguins have been returned to their native territory in the south Atlantic ocean by an air force plane after being found along Brazil's coast. I am really happy that the penguins landed in Brazil and not in the USA ! can you imagine the work of the anti terrorist department to check hundreds of penguins if they are not carrying weapons or plans for terrorist attacks ?

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Elvis is Alive Museum nears death

Collection that supports theory Presley never died fails to sell on eBay

WRIGHT CITY, Mo. - The Elvis is Alive Museum will not live, at least not for now.
Andy Key tried to sell the Missouri museum twice on eBay. He received no bids by the time the auction ended Friday. He did get one bid at his first asking price of $15,000, but it turned out to be from a child playing on a computer, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. If you have some money left from the economical crises, here is a sure investment to make !

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After losing 500 pounds, Mexican man to wed

Once 1,230 pounds, Uribe was declared the world's heaviest man

Manuel "Meme" Uribe, 42, kisses his girlfriend Claudia Solis during an interview with the Associated Press in Monterrey on June 9, 2008. Once declared the world's most obese man, Manuel Uribe is getting hitched. The Mexican native says he will wed longtime girlfriend Claudia Solis on Oct. 26 in Monterrey. The two will be married in a civil ceremony at a location still to be decided. Uribe is unable to walk, and leaving his house means being towed through the streets on his specially made bed. Love can fall everywhere. Hopefully he is still able to make babies, although I think they might have some technical difficulties.

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Goat 'condoms' save Kenyan herds

The olor is held in place by a rope or an elastic strap. Maasai herdsmen in Kenya have turned to an age-old contraceptive device, the "olor", to protect their precious goat herds from an ongoing drought. The olor is made from cowhide or a square piece of plastic, and is tied around the belly of the male goat.It prevents the bucks from mating with the female goats.
Doesn't that look sexy ? I think a fashion creator should adapt this for men maybe in different colors and with little flowers ??

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Recycling litter funds honeymoon
A couple spent three months collecting and recycling litter to pay for their honeymoon flights. It took thousands of cans and bottles to a recycling centre. For every four recycled items, they earned a reward point which was then converted into BA air miles. They amassed 36,000 miles, which they used to fly back in business class from their US honeymoon. Isn't that a good idea, instead of taking a credit to finance your next holidays dig in your bin and collect money or flight miles !


Pear tree cottage! said...

Just love that at last all your photos down load here at lightning speed.......boardband Why has it just reached our little town?....well I am happy now. just loved all your photos and autumn background......see you again soon. Lee-ann

Puss-in-Boots said...

Very newsworthy items, Gattina. But your little comments at the end of each really make them special!

The Good Witch said...

Recycling litter funds honeymoon! what a great scheme, I wish more places did this and made people more aware of it too.
This is a great idea for saving up for x’mas and giving something back to the environment.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Gattina...catching up on my blogging since I was busy over the weekend and out of town yesterday...

I love the comment you made on the goat contraceptives...too funny. Flowers, ya right, on men? That would be a hoot all by itself. Just depends on how long the stem is I imagine...Did I just 'say' that? Whoa!!!!

Maribeth said...

Yes, I need to get Hubby out there collecting trash to pay for our next holiday. With the stock market crashing, there is no cash!

Melli said...

Ha! I LOVE the last story! That was brilliant! Think how much more they enjoyed that honeymoon knowing that they paid for it with garbage! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

As a bona fide Kenyan, I loved the Kenyan story!! I cannot get to put my blog address, grace (mamarehema)

TopChamp said...

lovely and gross stories.... what a mixture!!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea the honeymooning couple did to pay for their flights. Very clever. I need to come up with something like that for our 3-month trip next year. It could do with an injection of funds.

Anonymous said...

Oh that heaviest man photo got to me...goodness.

Liz Hinds said...

Where do you find these things, gattina?!

Drought - contraception? I'm sure it makes sense really.