12 Aug 2008


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Eat kangaroo to 'save the planet'
Kangaroos could be good for the environment
Switching from beef to kangaroo burgers could significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says an Australian scientist. "Jump in mouth burgers", perhaps ? what next to keep us away from greenhouse gas emissions ? No green houses anymore ?

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Nigerian advises against 86 wives
Mr Bello Abubakar says he does not go and find women, they come to him
Nigerian Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 84, has advised other men not to follow his example and marry 86 women.The former teacher and Muslim preacher, who lives in Niger State with his wives and at least 170 children, says he is able to cope only with the help of God.. Poor God, not only he has to resolve war, political, and private problems, now he also has to help Mr. Abubakar to cope with his 86 wives ! I feel deep sympathy !

Pet dogs can 'catch' human yawns

Yawning is known to be contagious in humans but now scientists have shown that pet dogs can catch a yawn, too. The copying activity suggests that canines are capable of empathising with people, say the researchers who recorded dogs' behaviour in lab tests.
Until now, only humans and their close primate relatives were thought to find yawning contagious. Ah ! that's why the scientists always need money ! Of course it is so important for all humans to know if when one yawns his dog yawns too ! For those who have a dog, please let me know if it's true !

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Germany hails 'bullet-proof bra'
The underwear is being issued to female officers as part of their uniform
It is being dubbed the new "bullet-proof bra", a new kind of Wonderbra which could help protect thousands of women police officers here in Germany. Dozens of German policewomen have already tested the new bras and, after a two-month long trial, the underwear is being issued to officers as part of their uniform. What a nice invention ! I would have needed one when I was younger not to protect me from bullets but from men's hands !

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PRINCE William is desperate to get a tattoo — but worries girlfriend Kate Middleton would think it was “chavvy”. Wills, 26, told Navy pals he wanted a huge inking on his back like England star David Beckham, who has a giant angel. But the Prince said he feared Kate, 26, would hit the roof.
Why ?? Because he can't show his naked back when he is wearing the crown ?? I am sure it wouldn't bother young girls !


Mar said...

Oh, the Polizei brand will become the closest Victoria's Secrets' competitor!!

A nice tatoo on a king's back shouldn't disturb life in the kingdom... (go for it, Prince W, just do it!! it doesn't have to be huge, make it size M...)

Merle said...

Dear Gattina ~~ Good post, but I for
one do not wish to try Kangaroo!!!
I think a lot of people get tattoos and later regret it. Sounds like Kate is in charge. I enjoyed your London photos, as I will never see them except on TV etc. The Olympics Opening was beautiful and the Games are going well. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

claudie said...

Oh! Kangaroo never will spring in my mouth! This wonderbra is still nice for an uniform! Like merle I never wanted to get a tatoo because I am affraid a short time after I couldn't perhaps support it!!!
Bonne continuation pour ces vacances anglaises!

Maribeth said...

How wonderful you did your compiled news! I was worrying you would miss it as you are on holiday.
Love the bra. May get one just to thrill Hubby! LOL!

Deana said...

I have given up beef and pork completely after reading about all the gases AND mostly because of the abuse those animals have to face. I can't take the thoughts of anything being terrorized and they are awfully cruel to young pigs, etc. I just quit eating it all.

Junebug said...

I believe bovines release the most greenhouse emissions. Eating them would only help the problem! :D

Pear tree cottage! said...

What a nice blog you have here Gattina,

Your note about the kangaroo's was interesting and while I have no idea about the green house gas bit............... (smiles)

Would you all hate me if I told you my husband and I ate Kangaroo just last night......it comes from the supermarket packed just like any meat and it is beautiful, it is lean, super good for you as there is no fat as it is High in Protein, Low in saturated fat and high in Iron but is Gluten free as well. It has a lot going for it and the Kebabs with herbs & garlic we had last night were delishious (very! very! lean)......sorry to all those who are put off at it being kangaroo but we live in the country and I see thousands out here every day. Rabbits were eaten during the depression and even today, I don't see a difference.

sorry if I offend.....but it is truly very nice. (try it!)


Pamela said...

Would we call it a Rooger, instead of a burger? ack.

Oh Wills looks kinda like a beef stead, too!