3 Jul 2008


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I am actually at the Garda Lake in northern Italy. I haven't been there since 20 years. I came back for the first time last year.

13 things which have changed in 20 years

1. No new buildings had been built around the northern part of the lake due to lack of space. There is no room between the rocks and the lake. How fortunate for the beauty of the landscape

2. A lot of old farm houses in the mountains have been transformed into hotels, restaurants or just as bed and breakfast. Of course the farmers make more money with the tourists then with a farm on rocks.

3. Houses have been modernized and a lot of them have now air conditionning and double windows, but they have kept their original facade

4. Streets have been renewed and are very nice but still very narrow. Mountains do not move for humans.

5. The high season is July and August and it's full of tourists around the lake. In the northern part they are mostly Germans so if I close my eyes in a restaurant I could think I am in Germany with an Italian waiter !

6. The Dutchs who had invaded the lake in the 70/80 almost disappeared and are now replaced by Danishs. Probably due to the quite expensive area and Dutchs are reputated to be very economic and sometimes even stingy. The Italians used to call them "Niente Lire" which means "no money" because of their licence plate NL for Netherlands.

7. Parking spaces are very difficult to find and everywhere you have to pay now. Uniformed "parking police" checks all the time and if you haven't payed it can be very expensive.

8. Food hasn't changed it still is so good ! Yesterday I had Spaghettis with mussels, shrimps and other seafood in a wonderful tomato sauce

9. Thunderstorms are still very impressive because the thunder makes an echo in the mountains

10. Torbole, the place where we use to go became now an European center for windsurf. Surfers come here from all over the world even Australians and Canadians

11. When you walk along the beach you have to pay attention not to get a Segel in you face, surfers are not very careful with non surfers

12. The sun is very strong and you can easily get sunburnt

13. Wine is still cheaper then water !

when you arrive, the first view on the lake

my daily view out of the window

narrow streets around the lake


Junebug said...

Beauty! Can't wait to see and hear more!

Always Been Different said...

Just Beautiful!!!

Happy TT!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wine cheaper than water!! Book me a bed,I'm on my way...heheh!

What a beautiful place Garda Lake is, Gattina, I envy you being there. Still my turn will come in about three years or so (fingers crossed).

Enjoy your holiday.

Forgetfulone said...

Gosh, it's gorgeous there! I'm so happy for you ... off on holiday. I'd love to hear more about the food. That's the reason my husband wants to visit Italy. And wine is really cheaper than water? He'd be in Heaven!

Laura Paxton said...

What a beautiful place to vacation! Enjoy your holiday!

Happy T13!

Carol said...

Oh wow! Sounds (and looks) like a beautiful place to visit. Enjoy!

Maribeth said...

It looks so lovely! I am happy that you are enjoying a beautiful vacation time. Have a glass of wine for me! Cheers!

Tiffany Aller said...

I always like to go back to places I haven't been in many years, to see what has changed and also if my memories are still intact. Sounds like Garda Lake is a beautiful place to visit - thanks for sharing!

Come visit for my Thirteen "Favorites" For the Fourth of July!

pussreboots said...

We have a number of mountain lake communities like the one you described here in California. They haven't changed much in 20 years for similar reasons. Happy TT.

Melli said...

Garda Lake is becoming one of my TOP priority places to visit now! Which month has the MOST thunderstorms? I want to be there for THAT! (and wine!)

Vlado&Toni said...

oh that's beautiful there, what a wonderful view gattina. i envy you :) and what comforts you have there looking at the wonderful mountains and going online and doing your blog :)
hey, germans are everywhere - it is so weird.. since i started speaking and understand german, there was never a trip without them. even in the remote islands of the philippines - i overheard the table beside us that they were from the town 7 kilometers from where we live here!!! unbelievable!

Denise Patrick said...

Even though it has changed, it still sounds and looks beautiful.

Happy TT!

Jientje said...

Enjoy your holliday Gattina! Mine is already over and it's raining again in Belgium!

Tink said...

Garda lake is beautiful!!
My TT is about Belgium this week! :-)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I loved your pictures last year when you were there. I look forward to more this visit.It is such a lovely place.