1 Jul 2008


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No compiled news today ! I am on holidays at the Garda lake in Italy. (see my travel blog Countries & Cities) The internet connection is not that great so that I am happy to have pre scheduled at least all my pictures for the different memes and use the time to visit you. I have found a nice "office" on the camping ground just behind our Building and can sit there in the garden. Of course people are starring at me wondering what I am doing there early morning with a computer !

We had an awful trip down here, the first part took 10 h instead of 6 because I hadn't thought that in certain parts of Germany the yearly summer holidays had started and people were underway to the south ! The highways were packed ! Besides this football (soccer) fans were on the road to Vienna where the European football championship took place, Germany against Spain ! Yesterday morning I heard that Spain won, if it would have been Germany, they would have gone mad here around. Without knowing I knew that the Spanish team won because of the silence.

It was very very hot and this night we had a terrible thunderstorm. If ever you have lived a thunderstorm in the mountains you know what I am talking about. It just seems the world's end ! The thunder already loud in flat areas in the mountains it has an echo ! The wind almost blow the building away and on our balconee the chairs were pushed from one side to the other which made an awful noise. Fortunately here nothing was damaged apparently. This morning the sun is shining innocently again and the nightmare is completely over.

I am still posting the same picture to show where I am I forgot to take the cable of my camera with me and can't connect to my computer. Today we will go to the next city and try to find one.


Junebug said...

Are your kitties on holiday with you too? That is beautiful scenery. My daughter has finally shown me all her photos of her trip to Italy. I will post some soon. Have a wonderful holiday! I know you will.

Vlado&Toni said...

have a nice time gattina, next time you come close to frankfurt again, let me know, we can meet for a little chat ... that would be nice :)

Maribeth said...

Enjoy, relax and breath in the fresh air. Will look forward to your next Compiled News!

eastcoastlife said...

Wheeee! You are in Italy! How wonderful!! I'm envious. How long will you be in Italy?

Anonymous said...

Chance you have to be on vacation at a such place with fresh air of the mountain when it is so hot here at night!
Nice to see you can blog on your computer!
I had an idea and last evening I spoke about it to Pierre.
J'aimerais organiser l'été prochain en aout une rencontre entre amis blogers du cybercruise.
On pourrait installer des matelats dans la maison ou pour ceux qui ont leur tente le jardin est grand, quand à ceux qui préfèrent l'hôtel ou le camping pas de probleme, l'essentiel étant de se rencontrer après plus d'une année de connection et de bon rires sur le web.
Pour toi pas de problème je me débrouille pour te trouver un lit!
Je pense que ça va intéresser ceux qui sont en Europe. Le Captain est enthousiste à l'idée de cette rencontre.
On pourrait visiter la région et Pierre, lui se réjouit de vous faire des petits plats car la cuisine c'est une de ses passions.
Q'en penses-tu?

Liz Hinds said...

I hope you haven't had any more scary thunderstorms and that you're having a wonderful time at that beautiful place.

Liz Hinds said...

I hope you haven't had any more scary thunderstorms and that you're having a wonderful time at that beautiful place.