4 Jul 2008


More participants are here at Kelly's Show and tell Friday

There is nothing to show and tell about the things we have in our flat here at the Garda Lake in Italy where I am on holidays. But about the swimming pool yes, here is were I am laying every day enjoying the sunshine and the view of the mountains and the lake.

One morning I saw how a swimming pool is cleaned today ! Not anymore a musculous brown burnt young man as you see in the movies where you can admire his muscels no, today it is a mousy man nothing special who sits there and watches his robot cleaning the pool ! I had never seen that and only regret that apparently it doesn't exist for household purposes and I can't built in a pool only for the pleasure to have a robot !

The view I have everyday in the garden

The robot cleaning the swimming pool

it even climbs up the walls !

One view of the lake

And here is my office where I go for Internet connection every morning while Mr. Gattino still sleeps. It is the reception and shop at the same time of the camping just behind our garden. The table with the shoes on is my desk. The lady who works at the reception and in the shop prepares it every morning together with a nice red office chair and always offers me a coffee. Since she knows that I am married with an Italian I am not a tourist any more and get special treatment (only the price remains the same, business is business).The only hick is all incoming campers come to me first to book a place !

Tomorrow we will go up high in the mountains and have a picnic with friends.


Junebug said...

What a gorgeous view of the lake! The photo of you is great too. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

My friend had a robot in her pool in Vegas. We referred to him as the pool butler. Hers was a private home and he didn't need watching to do his work. He just lived in the bottom of the pool and worked sun up to sundown, daily.

Anonymous said...

You are on holidays in a marvelous place. I'd like to have A swimmingpool with a such robot!!!
I'm on summer vacation, today!!!

Maribeth said...

What a beautiful place!!! Have a great day. Today is the 4th of July here. We're having a big party. Hopefully I will get some good pictures!

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...you and me both. We do a lot of 'interneting' during the time our hubbies sleep.

What a beautiful setting Gattina!! It looks so inviting! Hope you're enjoying the time in Italy.

TorAa said...

It's a wonderful place for both relaxing, culture and sports around Lago de Garda.
Have never been there myself, but my father and mother and brother have been there several times. When I went to France (Aix les Bains, Ardeche (Canoing) Isle de Re et Oleron, Alpes, Pyrinees, Alpes Maritime, Jura, Massif central, Medoc, Alsace etc etc)

Have a great time.

btw. Anna has returned from Hong Kong.
and it's very hot to be in Norway