19 Jun 2008


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13 of the world's most expensive body parts

Stars have been insuring bits of themselves since the 1920s. There are now so many people with commoditised appendages. Here are 13 celebrities insured by the world famous insurance Lloyds of London

1. Mariah Carey's legs: $10 million

2.David Beckham's entire body: $ 200 million

3. Bruce Springsteen's voice: $ 7 million

4. Heidi Klum's legs: $ 2,3 million

5. Keith Richards' fingers: $ 2 million

6. Jamie Lee Curtis's legs: $ 2 million

7. Bette Davies' waistline: $ 28,000

8. America Ferrera's mouth: $ 10 million

9. Michael Flatley's legs: $ 50 million

10. Ken Dodd’s teeth: $ 8 million

11. Dolly Parton's boobs: $700,000

12. Tom Jones chest hair Tom Jones did not, contrary to reports, have his chest hair insured for $ 7 million. Lloyds was apparently asked to draft a policy-wording for chest hair insurance

13. Angelina Jolie's face would be worth? An estimated $80 million based on three films a year at $ 10 million a piece for two to three years.

Source : The Times

How much is your bottom worth ?

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Juliana RW said...

OMG....a lots of money for those actrees :D in their bodies.

My T13 in here Thanks

Lex Valentine said...

That's crazy and amusing! Happy TT!


Tiffany Aller said...

Oh, how funny - what absurd things to insure. I mean, seriously. If Springsteen loses his voice, are they actually going to pay him $7M? Great TT!

I'm up here!

MaR said...

Bette Davies' waistine was insured?? how did that technically worked, lol?

Mariah's insurance is ridiculous, I could understand a voice insurance since she earns her living with it, hah! but her legs are not even close to perfect :)
Oh,well, I'd love to hear about the premium those well-insured people are paying!
Happy Thursday! still not in a list-mood :)

Pretty Life Online said...

Great list here! Happy Thursday Thirteen! mine's is up hope you can drop by.

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina, Wow all those body parts insured I know there High profile people but are there parts worth it.. A lot of collywobble

Robin said...

I can see a singer wanting to insure their voice, since it's their livelihood, but their legs? That's just strange.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ms. Jolie is NOT one of my favorites. I think if we bought her for what she's worth and sell her for what she thinks she's worth, we would all be millionaires!!!

Love the joke too.

Betty said...

Interesting TT. Enjoyed that!
Mine is up as well....

I like your blog!

Maribeth said...

I think it is funny that people will insure things like that.

Carol said...

The insanity of it all? Priceless!

Great T-13!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Gattina. It seems pretty outlandish, but I guess that's Hollywood. Bette Davies' waistline? How do you insure a waistline? Does the insurance company come and slap the oreo cookies out of your mouth to protect their investment?

Melli said...

Well... I can understand the whole TEETH thing -- MINE are worth about that now too! LOL! As for Dolly's Boobs... I'd be turning them in for the insurance money!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone insured their brain? I might have to insure my mouse hand.

Junebug said...

Now Gattina, I love your new background. That reminds me of the early 1970's era. And of course that was some of my favorite times.

Cinnamon Girl said...

That is ton of cash for barbie parts!

Anonymous said...

So crazy! That's just fantasy sums.... shaking my head.

I hope they don't end up in need and sell them.... *giggles*

pussreboots said...

Odd but interesting list. Happy TT.

Denise Patrick said...

It's crazy what people want and what people will do to accommodate them. Great list - I had a good laugh!

Happy TT!

Unknown said...

this is horrible...i think. mariah's legs??? that doesn't make sense. now, angelina's face..that's a different story. Anyhoo, I have bling. YOu come get it, ok? Thx so much for playing my guessing game. *huggies*

Clara said...

It's hard for me to understand such vanity. It is kinda funny, tho.

Irishcoda said...

That's really amazing but it makes sense that these actors would take out insurance...if you think about it, if something happened to Keith Richards' fingers for example then $2 million is not that much at all when you think how much he makes with the Rolling Stones.

I had to laugh about Arthur climbing in the window of your new car and leaving white fur all over :)

Mercedes said...

I can't think of what body part I would insure. Hmm. I should have bought my policy before delivering a child. : )

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the premiums are.