17 Jun 2008



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A magic smell for $ 6 m Emma

HARRY Potter star EMMA WATSON has been named as the new face of perfume Coco Mademoiselle. Emma, 18, famed as potion-loving Hermione Granger in the wizard films, has signed a two-year, $6 million deal to advertise the Chanel scent. Smelling like a witch probably attracts women ! But I always though witches would smell like sulfer ?

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My beast mate

MEET furry friends Mausi and Muschi – the cat and the bear who are a zoo’s odd couple.
The female moggy and the male Asian black bear live, eat, sleep and even play together.
Their unlikely friendship was forged seven years ago when Mausi entered Muschi’s enclosure at Germany’s Berlin Zoo and started to eat his food. Am I happy that my cats only bring cat friends home and not a bear as friend ! I am not yet equipped for that !

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Just desserts for pie contestants

The 41st world custard pie throwing championships has been held in Kent.
Competitors in Maidstone were given points for hitting each other with out-of-date pies, with the best scores reserved for headshots. Apparently when people get bored they find all kind of strange things to amuse themselves. What about a championship with rotten eggs ? I'll suggest this to my mayor.

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RAF pilot wins moustache battle

A RAF fighter pilot has won his battle with the United States Air Force over the size of his handlebar moustache. Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball, who is on an exchange posting with the USAF in Afghanistan was told to trim his distinctive moustache. The pilot, who is usually based at RAF Lossiemouth, turned to the Queen's Regulations and found the moustache's width did not breach RAF guidelines. The rules state the moustache should not go below the edge of the mouth.
Despite Flt Lt Ball serving on exchange with the USAF, the RAF still have some say on the attire and appearance of their staff. The USAF relented and Flt Lt Ball's moustache was left unruffled.
As long as they are busy with fashion questions, they don't have time to play with arms !

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Church bars Da Vinci Code prequel

The diocese of Rome has banned filming in its churches of the prequel to the Da Vinci Code, a popular book and film that has angered many Catholics.
Producers of Angels and Demons were turned down because the film "does not conform to our views", a spokesman for diocese told AP news agency. The Da Vinci Code in 2006 was based on the idea that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children. Of course the pope got angry ! How can he justify now that he is living only with men ?

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Force denies $200,000 turban cost

A police force has denied spending $ 200,000 on trying to adapt safety helmets to fit over turbans. The police has also said reports that a Sikh officer was turned down from joining its Operational Support Unit over the issue is untrue. No Sikh officer has applied and been turned down from joining the Operational Support Unit because of faith issues. However, it has been identified that for some members of the Sikh faith, the removal of the turban to wear a helmet and the wearing of a respirator could be problematic." I sincerely agree !


Mar said...

Modern witches are not what they used to be...::sigh::
Love those best pals! if they can get along together, mankind should do too!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Now that's a really good news column, especially the comments at the end. I quite agree, a bear would not fit on my bed...especially when I'm in it!

As for Emma, well I guess sulphur could smell quite good once the scientists played around with it. Maybe she said Expelliamus!

Melli said...

Oh I DO wish my kitty would bring home a bear! HOW CUTE!

Maribeth said...

Yes, I am happy myt dogs do not bring home any other furry friends! I have enough on my plate taking care of them!

Hootin' Anni said...

I heard that last night on the entertainment news about the 'new face' for the perfume.

But this mustache thing? Why do they always make a big deal out of facial hair? You wonder? It is NOT hindering anything, as long as the job's well done...who cares? I guess they have to justify their jobs or something and bring this to our attention. LOL

Liz said...

I am glad he got to keep his moustache! Serious things at stake here in the Anglo-American war of Whosincharge.

raqgold said...

out of date pies? wont they need portable toilets nearby just in case someone caught one in the mouth :D and let us know if rotten eggs throwing festival would soon be a tourist attraction in your town, so we could skip going there, lols

DellaB said...

Hi Gattina... I found you! Bad news about the old site, what a nuisance, still, this one is good too, lots of good stuff...

I am in a new blog home too "Barkley Blah!" - have finished turningsixty, and just started blogging again.

It's good to be back..


TopChamp said...

ha ha! Custard pie throwing eh? Oh we Brits are an odd bunch.

claudie said...

In 2006 I was a fan of Davincicode and red Anges et Démons. And of course many explanations about the book and the adventure between J and MM! After others books séries TV in the same style I became very bory because I did an indigestion! Cat and bear! Une belle amitié!

lisa marie said...

That little Harry Potter girl sure has grown up. :) Love the cat and bear couple!