7 Dec 2007


What was the last game you purchased?

The last game ?? That must be an antique by now I don't even remember when and what. I don't like games except Roulette ! and we even have a little one to play at home.

Name something in which you don’t believe.

That is easy ! I don't believe in anything not even in bad luck ! Although there is my family and some very good friends I believe in. (and trust)

If you could choose a celebrity to be your boss, who would you pick?

Nobody, I don't like bosses, authorities or whatever. But if I had to choose one I take Charly Chaplin.

Main Course
What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way?

Apparently I didn't learn anything because I don't remember any hard way

Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room.

An empty mind.

Attention ! There is now Blogger in Draft (it's in a test phase) which allows Bloggers other then Blogger Googlers to comment with their links. Blogger Blogs just have to subscribe to OpenID and use Blogger in Draft. It's very easy. As you can see I have done it already !

Instead of Mr. Linky I use this now it makes it very easy for me to follow up. It is also nice to use for the once who don't want to take Blogger in Draft.


Gellianne said...

Hi!I enjoyed your feast!
You are very right! An empty find is what we need at times!

Natalie said...

I love the graphic!

forgetfulone said...

I need an empty mind! When you find it, will you empty it for me?

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina,Great feast, its hard to pick which part of the meal I enjoyed the most.. empty mind Hahaha

Stine said...

Your linky thingy looks fine...
My mind is perpetually empty these days, whatever was there just drops out!

MiLeTTe said...

i agree...an empty mind is so relaxing.

mine is up also!

Melli said...

Gattina - I think there is a question in "settings" about getting the email notification about comments. I've never used that feature so I've never had the emails -- therefore I didn't MISS it! *nods* But maybe when they changed things they automatically unselected it? You should take a look - it might be a simple fix! :) I hope so - for you!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I always enjoy your sense of humor in these FF. You tell them Gattina. Have a great FF and weekend. :)

Lifecruiser said...

Love that Anti-stress kit, it could come in handy now for your none-Blogger users ;-)

I've had a lot of error when trying the OpenID, but that's maybe just because it's new.

NOTE: OpenID does NOT help your users that are on an own domain and webhost account. We still don't have any option there. The Wordpress option there is for Wordpress.com which is the free version similar to Blogger. (That's why you find my empty Wordpress.com blog when I tried this out on Mar's blog)

I thought that maybe this any OpenID might be an alternative to set up your extern link address, but it wasn’t. At least not yet. Only gave me errors.

I want it to point to my actual blog at lifecruiser.com of course, because I don’t want my visitors to be forced to click more than one time to come to my blog.

Besides that it goes to the Blogger PROFILE for you Blogger bloggers. I want to come directly to your blog, not your profile.

It will be somewhat difficult for the ones that have more than one blog and want to decide that they want to leave a link to the one in the case. Or even leave a link to a particular blog post. Now you have to write the whole code snippet for it in the comment area, that's not so smoothly.

I don't want to have to guess which ones of the bloggers blogs I should visit.

This is a tiresome procedure. phew.

Will we be forced to login and out of different blog platforms to comment?
There is bloggers that have several blogs at Blogger, but also blogs at both Blogger and Wordpress.com and maybe even also an own domain address. I wonder how these will manage this?
It’s possible that their intention is to change this later, but in that case they have implemented this too early, before they got all functions in it. No good.

We don’t want the technique to take one step backwards instead of developing to something real smooth that makes everybody happy :-)

It might become something good of this eventually, but I think they have gone out with this too early and without proper information. Why?

And why have you changed your comment area to not even allow nicknames? After this mess of blogger I don't want to even login to my Blogger account and you're not leaving me any options this way...

This way bloggers are forced to have a Blogger account to comment here.

I don't like when they do that. This creates walls between Blogger blogs and blogs on other platforms.

Anonymous said...

LOL to charlie chaplin but I agree with you that I don't like authority either! Have a great weekend!

Serena said...

Funny that you mention a dead guy for a boss too. :D


the teach said...

Gattina, great post! I enjoyed it a lot. I'm going to try to subscribe to Open ID. Thanks for commenting on Bad Art Friday.

Jennifer said...

You're too funny! Enjoyed your feast! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer :-)

Laane said...

Haha!! An empty mind. LOL!

Feel welcome to visit my feast

Laane on the World

Have a great weekend!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Gattina. I love your Friday Feast, you can be so funny, especially the blank mind bit. I think my mind's like that all the time...lol!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Great feast. Have a good weekend.

Manny said...

Hi Gattina. Nice feast. An empty mind, especially void of all of the pressures at work, is something I could use from time to time. Then again, I have used it in the most inopportune times, IYKWIM. :)