4 Dec 2007


William and Kate - and the mystery of the giant diamond ring
Wearing a demure grey gown Prince William's girlfriend seemed in high spirits as she ran the event with her sister Pippa at The Shop at Bluebird in Chelsea. Kate's ring was on her middle finger, but that didn't stop speculation over who bought the dazzling jewel for her. I really don't care ! And who says that the stones are diamonds ? I have the same ring ! The british royal family members are copying me more and more ! Only my ring is with Zirkons and reporters especially male once are no precious stones specialists.

When you're a shock-tastic pop star who's done everything what's the last taboo left in your career? Get some sheep and dye them funny colours, of course.
It's the latest controversy surrounding pop nanna Madonna - the queen of pop recently did a shoot for Vogue Living which featured several of her pet sheep, which she had dyed in a rainbow of fashionable colours for the occasion. Oh ! How sweet ! what a nice idea ! I will suggest to the Waterloo's council to invite all farmers to paint their sheeps ! That would look so lovely in this grey weather ! No more winter depressions of the population and health care would safe money ! Now I am thinking of painting my 5 cats in pastel colors ! I am dreaming .....

Singer Hallyday to quit touring
Hallyday began his showbiz career when he was just 16. French rock star Johnny Hallyday is to retire from live performing following a farewell tour, he has revealed. The 64-year-old, who will hit the road for the last time in May 2009, said he still plans to record new music. Hallyday told French TF1 TV: "I've decided to stop. I made this decision, not an easy one, because there comes a day when you have to stop. That is absolutely true ! And he should do it right away and not wait until 2009 ! I have seen him on stage when he was 20 (I too, we have the same age) and I assure you he looked a little different ! He and Mick Jagger (not to talk about the other members of the group) are like politicians they do want to stay even when they officially have the retirement age ! Ah ! I imagine how it really happens, they hop and run around on stage and move their hips (which should be sexy) and hang on the microphone to keep them up and when the songs are finished they disappear and collapse breathless on the floor behind the curtain half dead, trying to get their breath back. Not to talk about the cricked hips and knees ! That's why after a show they don't show up again they have to recover for a couple of months !

Amazing find of dinosaur 'mummy'
Fossil hunters have uncovered the remains of a dinosaur that has much of its soft tissue still intact. What happens for the moment ?? Everybody finds a dinosaur and not me ! Even with cat Arthur digging in the garden ! When you go to a toy department in a store what do you see ? Dinosaur everwhere ! Yesterday I wanted to buy a donkey for the Christmas crip (Mr Gattino had complained that a donkey was missing) and what did I see "en masse" Dinosaur ! Now what should I do ? Put a dinosaur in the nativity scence to warm up baby Jesus ?

Indonesia criticised for its rate of deforestation
Couples in the Sragen region of Java in Indonesia have reportedly been told that they need to fund the planting of five trees if they want to get married. District officials say the programme is aimed at combating global warming. What are you waiting for ? Plant trees but before putting on you wedding dress !

Yeti prints' found near Everest
A US TV presenter says he and his team have found a series of footprints in the Everest region of Nepal resembling descriptions of the mysterious Yeti. Footprints ! Only footprints ! Didn't they know that my son went there wearing his diving flippers ? He has the same shoe size as the Yeti 48 !

Riina has been convicted of more than 100 murders

'Mafioso' held during TV arrest
TV drama became a real-life crisis for a suspected senior Mafia leader, as police seized him while he watched the dramatised arrest of an ex-godfather. What a coincidence ! Isn't that romantic ? But honnestly the mafiosi in the Godfather movie were much more handsome ! He really doesn't look like a Marlon Brando !

Insurers ban Santa's sleigh ride
A local firm has stepped in to replace Santa's sleigh with a bus. Santa Claus has been banned from riding his sleigh through a market town because of health and safety fears. What ? that's a shame ! This insurance company should offer him the insurance fee as a gift for Christmas !

US police file beard ban lawsuit
The lawsuit names Houston city and its police department. Four police officers in Texas have filed a lawsuit arguing that a ban on wearing beards is discriminatory.The department imposed the ban in 2005, saying gas masks could not be sealed over facial hair in bioterror attacks.
That's a good idea ! I will suggest the same to the Belgian government ! I don't like beards and as we have daily bioterror attacks it would be a good excuse to shave them all !

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Mar said...

Good morning! coffee is ready! Madonna looks like Faye Dunaway on that picture. Poor sheep,animals also have rights!
Oh, and you are very right: male photographers know little about real jewelry.
I'd like to picture mafiosi as very handsome Italians wearing Armani suits. Not at all like the pictured one!!
Happy Tuesday to you!

Melli said...

I think coloring the sheep is a GREAT idea! The wool is going to be dyed one way or the other -- on the sheep or off... why not ON??? Rainbow sheep! What a LOVELY idea!

Santa does NOT ride the BUS! I don't care WHAT the insurance companies say! Sheeeeesh... is nothing sacred???

Thanks for stopping by Krysti's blog! And... you should look for an email from me!

Maribeth said...

I look forward to your news each week. How else would I learn these things? LOL! I wish William would just get over it and ask Kate to marry him.

Mar said...

I am listed now :)
I am loving this little widget!