9 Sep 2007


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to a cruise stop in London ! I guide you to the southern End Croydon !
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A few baloons and a drink before with a special toast to our Captain Mrs. Lifecruiser !!
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We enter here
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I've been tagged by Linda for this onion meme. I wonder if the inventor really counted the layers and if all onions have 11. Please check. I can't do it because I cry too much. That's why I have to peel off 11 layers of myself.

On the Outside

Name: Gattina, Louise, Jacqueline, Jeanine, Dominique, Margarete, Emma, Chantal, Ilona etc. (A friend of Mr. Gattino gave all his 3 children 12 names !)
Birth Date: July, 8 last century
Current Status: sitting
Eye Color: green brown
Hair Color: blond

On the Inside

My Heritage: Can't tell because of eventual upcoming taxes
My Fear: SpidersImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

My weaknesses: moments of
My Perfect Pizza: tomato, mozarella,

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

My thoughts first waking up : Coffee !! Feed the cats (mostly the other way around because cats are meauwing)
My bedtime : When I am tired or in love
My most missed memory: the datas on my hard disk when cat Lisa had peed on it.

My Pick

Pepsi or coke : Water
Single or group dates : both
Adidas or Nike : none, cheap and chic
Tea or Nestea : Fruit teas
Chocolate or Vanilla : none, too sweet
Cappuccino or Coffee : Coffee of course !

Do You ****?

Smoke : Of course I just started some 15 years ago !
Take a shower : not now !
Have a crush : yes with my car (but only a little one)
Think you’ve been in love : Once upon a time ....
Go to school : awful time
Want to get married : after being widow perhaps, but I very much doubt
Believe in yourself : depends what
Think you’re a health freak : If eating colored kitchen* yes. M&M's excluded of course!

In the Past

Drank alcohol : Oh yes !
Gone to the mall : who hasn't
Been on stage : of course and I am still performing every day
Eaten sushi : unfortunately
Dyed your hair : still do

Have You Ever***?

Played a stripping game : Every evening to put on my pajama

Hoping : to win in lotery without playing

Get married: Can't, am already !

In A Guy

Best eye colour : blue or brown
Best hair colour : dark
Short hair or long hair : short but not too short

What were you doing

A minute ago : fed cat Lisa
Hour ago : fed cat Lisa
Month ago : fed cat Lisa
Year ago : fed cat Lisa

Finish This Sentence

I love : a lot of things
I feel : in a good mood
I hate : waiting
I hide : myself when Jehova witness ring at the door
I miss : my car keys, they must have legs
I need : to go to the restroom

and now I should tag other people but I don't know whom. Those who are attracted by this onion meme : please help yourself but tell me I am only a little curious !

* : Colored kitchen is eating a lot of vegetables
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MaR said...

Guten Morgen! I just love your sense of humor, your nr 7 will keep me giggling all morning, lol

Hootin' Anni said...

Layer 8 would be miraculous and I would want to know just how you did it, so I could do the same!!!

Maribeth said...

They have Jehova Witness' there too? I just hate it when they come. I used to hide, now I tell them to please go home and no, I don't want their magazine!

Linda said...

This was an unusual meme. Thanks for playing along. I never heard the express "colored kitchen". Thanks for clearing that one up for us. I always learn so much visiting with you and the kitties.

Vlado&Toni said...

I am so amazed with all the Memes that comes up in the Blog Universe. But your answers are always a blast :)
Btw, how's your teenie Rosie doing? Hope she doesn't find a boyfriend too soon and gets pregnant instantly :)

Anonymous said...

Very funny answers! Your Layer 10 sounds like mine would be, but substitute one of 8 cat names or 3 children's names for "Lisa."

I hide when the JW's come to the door too. I guess they are a worldwide phenomenon. Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip! I've been to London a lot of times but never as joyful as with you!

It's a very nice place and better than Central London once you have seen all tourist stuff and museums :-)

Andree said...

I see maribeth asked the same question I was going to ask about the Witnesses! I'm lucky; they have been here but they don't see me!

Very cryptic answers, Gattina! Come on now!! LOL

Melli said...

Oh darling ~ you peel divine!

Mother of Invention said...

Interesting. My first thought in the morning is coffee, too! Closely followed by letting the cats out!
You mean Lisa is still alive after peeing on your computer?!!!