17 Sept 2007


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I don't really wish to write about a crispy automn day, because I am sitting here in a beautiful summer day, very warm and with palm trees around me ! And as I only dispose of 1 h internet connection I just want to give some news to my regular readers and friends. The only thing I could write about would be the crispy fresh bread in Italy. I don't even dispose of some crispy news !

Finally I can reach my precious blogs again ! I already gave up hope to find an internet connection ! For one and a half day I was looking around in our rented apartment there was none, no Cyber Café in this small town apparently they are not there yet. The next Cyber Café was in the next city Riva. But then I found it, just behind our building on a camping place.

After a very smooth trip of 1200 km (746 miles) we arrived without any problem at the Garda lake. Curious to say but I thought I would have more emotions to see it again for the first time since exactly 20 years. But not at all, besides the fact that a lot of things had changed, that the area had modernized tremendously, that there were suddenly tunnels, round abouts, new buildings and streets, the lake itself hadn't changed a bit. It just looked like I had seen it for the first time when I was 24. It still has it's amazing beauty. The blue water and the high rocky mountains around, which seem to fall into the blue water.

First thing I did while Mr. Gattino took a little nap after this long trip, was sitting at the beach and looking over the lake. So many souvenirs came up but it seemed to me as if it was somebody else who had lived the past. I realized that I had changed. And a lot. The loud discussions where everybody talked at the same time and nobody listed to what the other said, instead of making me angry I found it funny and tried to listen. My italian came back surprisingly very quick.

I didn't have a little child anymore to protect against this rather invading family who wanted to spoil him to death. I don't want to stay alone anymore with my man without the family around now I appreciate company. The aunts and uncles passed away and my brother in law who was a loud annoying person, who drank a lot and always wanted to make me drunk, who pulled and pushed me around because he found it funny, is now an old skinny little man, who is full of health problems. I only recognized him at his face. He doesn't speak like a machine gun anymore, he sits there as a a decoration and has become a shadow of himself.

But my lake is still there unchanged and today I will look around for other new things.


Stine said...

Sometimes growing up is OK...
Glad you're enjoying your trip!

Melli said...

Awwwwww... Gattina... a serious post?
And a sweeeeet one at that! I think you wrote about the crisp cool lake and mountains... without even knowing it! I'm so glad you are enjoying your time there. I hope Mr. Gattino is enjoying it as well! (i never knew there were PALM trees in Italy!)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I had gone there either for that 20 years. Sometimes people is too much.

Ah, so it really had changed after those 20 years. The people and situations I mean. Must have felt strange in the beginning though when all the old memories came back.

I do envy you this trip. Would have loved to go there myself :-)

I'm glad you can enjoy it and of course carry on with your A-Team Guide work for the cruise! *giggles*

Your comment at my blog ended up in the moderation queue, maybe because you had left your old blogaddress.

Durward Discussion said...

Have a safe trip and come back with good memories to replace any unhappy ones.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your stay there!

MaR said...

Glad you made it safely (it is a long way!) and that you found an internet connection!
It's funny how our life perspective changes over the years. Now you are a more relaxed person as you realize you don't have to protect your child from the environment and you are not looking for time alone with Mr Gattino!! loved your reflexions about life... Enjoy your time with the family.
You might enjoy
Jan Weiler's "Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht! (Geschichten von meiner italienischen Sippe)", click hier

Hootin' Anni said...

What a wonderful place to be! I hope your entire time there is always so pleasant.

Unknown said...

Ah, I´m relieved - glad you arrived safe and sound.

How long will you stay at the Gardasee?

Freut mich, dass Ihr gut angekommen seid. Der Gardasee wird hoffentlich immer die atemberaubende Schönheit behalten, auch wenn das "Drumherum" sich ändert. Und? Füllst Du dieses Mal Deinen Schwager ab? Als "kleines Danke Schön"? =)

Sandee said...

Have a great and happy trip. :)

Mary said...

Sounds lovely, I hope your trip is safe and full of memories to come. Great post and happy MM:D

Anonymous said...

Have a glorious trip! Wish I were there!

Mo and The Purries said...

I would love to dive into the lake!
I'm sure the water would be brisk - which is almost like crisp!
Enjoy the remainder of your holiday!

Travis Cody said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Happy MM!

Pamela said...

in laws....
I always wonder what category I fall into.

(probably a fat little old woman_)

Dorothy said...

The lake is so beautiful and so peaceful looking. No wonder you love it so.

I didn't know you were away again and I tagged you for a meme. When you get back you can play it. Have a good vacation...enjoy the sunshine while you can.

Jana said...

Hope you have a nice vacation and that Mr. Gattino does too. Sorry you found your young self there at the lake, maybe it was sad, but maybe it is nice to see that you have grown and matured, not just gotten old! And that the maturity of your relationship with Mr. G makes it OK that you are 20 years older now.
My brother sent pictures to me of our childhood home in Nevada, I lived there 20 years ago, when I looked at the pictures, i could see my bicycle on the porch and my dad's blue pickup in the driveway, make me happy and sad too.
Hope the cats are having a good time and that Kim is feeling well, hope too that Rosie and Arthur dont get stuck in the drawer under the sofa!! Come home safe!