18 Sept 2007


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EU wants to get rid of the Queen from British passports ! Current UK passports contain a traditional message from the British sovereign printed inside the front cover requesting 'assistance and protection' for the holder anywhere in the world 'in the Name of Her Majesty'.
This is a tragedy !! Who will protect them then ? Prime ministers come and go and are not very protective, poor britts !

The Prince of Wales and Gordon Brown have met secretly in Scotland and are determined to forge a close working relationship as the heir to the throne develops his role as "shadow king", The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. I admit, they make a nice pair, two very funny men are making a complot against the queen ?? Can anybody protect her ??

French prince to wed his Portuguese sweetheart .There couldn't have been a more appropriate setting for Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orleans and the Duchess of Cadaval, Diana Alvares Pereira de Melo, 29, to announce their plans to marry next summer. Very interesting ! I didn't even know them !

And nothing from Camilla and Charles or other royals !

Richard Gere declared that he finds it very embarassing to be considered a sex symbol at his age (he is 58) He also said that he is happily married and buddhist. I think not a lot of men would agree with that and in my innocence I thought buddhists could also be sex symbols

The governor of Ulyanovsk region in Russia is offering prizes to couples who have babies in exactly nine months - on Russia's national day on 12 June. Sergei Morozov wants couples to take the day off work to have sex. If a baby is born on national day, they will receive cars, TVs or other prizes. I only can advise them to make a good counting ! Maybe the governor should distribute some calculating machines to help them ?

After a cat-less decade the prime minister's official spokesman reveals Alistair Darling's cat Sybil is moving into No 10. Sybil the black and white moggie is much loved in the home of the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling. And that home is now the flat above the heart of Britain's government - 10 Downing Street. I am happy ! At least some positive news from Downings Street ! A cat at least is something cute and comfy, not at all like the human inhabitants !

WOMEN turn frisky once a month just like other animals “on heat”, a top biologist has claimed.Dr Randy Thornhill, of the University of New Mexico,said: “Women don’t miaow and they don’t scratch at the door — but they do have oestrus.” Ah ! finally even scientifics say that women are like cats ! Maybe not every woman wants to be one, but I like the idea. Yes, and it's true I never miaowed or scratched at a door ! Do you ??

In Italy a doctor had to examin the body of a dead young woman to find out the cause of her death. When he saw her laying there in all her beauty, he felt very attracted and started to make love to the dead body, when suddenly the girl opened her eyes and came back to life. She had only been in a deep coma because of an overdose. The parents, overhelmed with happiness thanked the doctor very much for having given back life to their daughter. Unfortunately it's not said if they married and had a lot of children.

While compose this I am sitting here in the shade on the reception's patio just with Cypresses around and people are looking at me as if I was an ET ! A woman (!!) with a computer during her holidays ?? never seen. As I found my internet connection just behind our appartment on a camping area, arriving guests even Cask me information, they think I am part of the reception staff !

Please forgive if I can't comment a lot, but the internet connection is as quick as a snail racing here in the mountains even with firefox and my own laptop ! I do my best in one hour !


  1. That must be the modern Italic variant of Sleeping Beauty... *giggles*

  2. LOL, I am with the captain. When I was little the prince only softly kissed her virgin lips :)
    Times have certainly changed.

  3. I do NOT scratch at doors. I HIDE under beds! *g*

    Now... can you direct me to where I might rent a cabin on the lake?

  4. I've personally noticed a monthly spike in 'friskiness' in myself. I had to track my cycle but wasn't surprised when I could predict my own 'jackpot' days by that friskiness alone!

  5. With regard to the message from the Queen in the British passport.. . .my British grandmother's advice to me was "When things are not going well for you, you can take comfort knowing that you are part of British Empire!" No wonder I am a bit of a Royalist. Hey! where is the Queen's message in my Canadian passport? Does she love being Queen of Canada less???

    With regard to ladies "in heat". Don't worry if you missed it. . .men are always in heat.

    I have not known women to meow or scratch but they have rubbed up and down on my leg in a provocative fashion....kind of dog like.

  6. I am also away still. But stopped by to say hello and say, great news! LOL

  7. Aaaah... I´m a lucky one - compiled news from Italy! That´s one of the reasons why I asked about the length of your vacation. I was a bit afraid there won´t be news this week =)


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