22 May 2007


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Pookie also is very shocked !

Last week I met one of my friends in the waiting room for both having our yearly mammography. We were alone and chatted of course.

She asked me about Arthur's tail (for those who don't know Arthur is my cat and had been bitten in his tail) In our advanced age we don't talk boys or men anymore as we used to do some ages ago, but we talk cats. She is a cat lover too.

Suddenly the door opened and a very elegant all dressed up to the nines lady stepped in and took a seat just in front of us. No hello or good morning, just looking disdainfully over our heads. We were sitting there in Jeans and T-shirt.

I just answered the question of my friend and said : Oh his tail is much better, but it still hangs down. Just above the bite he feels something but the rest hangs down.

The lady in front looked a little quizzical. I continued : You know you can even pinch in it and he doesn't feel anything.

Ah ! said my friend, poor little bugger, aren't you afraid to step on it ? "

Yes of course I answered, I have really to pay attention and also that he doesn't squeeze it in a door ! I have a permanent look on it.

The lady in front made big eyes.

What are you going to do ? asked my friend, return with him to the doctor ? Do you think it has to be cut off ?

"I hope not, I said, can you imagine him without tail ? That really would look strange

Yes said my friend, but it's better without tail then with an inflamation and then the risk that he's becoming incontinent.

Yes I said, that would be awful, he can't wear any diapers !

My friend sighed deeply and said she really hoped that he gets back to normal and lead a normal life !

There the lady suddenly jumped up and with a very shocked and red face said : You should be ashamed to talk about such private things here in public in the doctor's waiting room !

With that she directed herself nose up to the door and slammed it behind her.

We first didn't get it, but then we laughed our heads off ! We never had thought that she would take Arthur for my husband !

Poor Arthur can only sleep over his miseries !


Melli said...

LOL! That is funny! I can't imagine thinking that conversation was about a human - but I guess someone MIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Big giggles, I knew where that was leading of course!

Oh, that sweet Arthur, innocent sleeping....

Love his flower power tail :-D

PS. I have had an Idyll at my blog since yesterday evening.....

MaR said...

LOL, an hilarious post!!! Arthur has the best sleeping postures :)

Vlado&Toni said...

haha.. hilarious! i wonder what's with the lady's husband that she thought you were talking about men in this situation :) *wink*
i love arthur.. he looks like baghira with the same sleeping position but only in white :)

Pamela said...

You should have told her that any husband would be proud if he could STEP ON IT .... whew (:

Anonymous said...

Oh Gattina! That is wonderful! I am laughing so hard my husband thinks I have lost my mind!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gattina! That is wonderful! I am laughing so hard my husband thinks I have lost my mind!