22 Apr 2023


I started the week by looking for a cat sitter for Rosie, as my neighbor can't do it anymore she forgets to close the window and to clean the litter box I hope she didn't forget to feed Rosie ! Fortunately there is always dry food in a big bowl. 

From my advertising in Facebook for a kitty sitter,  I got 5 answers. With one lady I had an appointment at 5 pm, Before I went with a couple and another lady I knew from Facebook for a Chinese lunch. Unfortunately the lady talked so much and always the same that we hardly could put a word in the conversation of ..... diseases !

For the moment I have to force me to go out and I regretted that I had done it, because I didn't even enjoy the meal.

Once at home again,  the lady came to meet Rosie. A miracle happened, Rosie stayed in her basket and let herself be petted, then she started purring and licked the woman's hand! That was a good sign. Rosie is pretty difficult with other people. The lady's name was Cathrine and she was also a cat fan. So we liked each other immediately  and she will look after Rosie for the 12 days I am away and send Whatsapp pictures. 

One worry less. 

The next day I went to my doctor because I was walking like a drunk, at least that was my impression. Now I have to do a lumba scan, although I don't have any back pain, I just get breathless quickly. I probably got assembled wrong somehow. What does my back has to do with the lungs?

Nicole has disappeared, even her daughter doesn't know where she is, she has been taken to the hospital because she has terrible back pain. It is so sad. Why taking her to the hospital, instead of giving her painkillers, anyway it won't last long until she joins Rick. 

And to complete my black series, my coffee machine died too and I had to buy a new one. I just bought the same, Otherwise I was busy with my car papers, what paperwork, I am really fed up !

My neighbor also a Nicole, let Dominique use her parking space in the basement for the 12 days we are away, so her car doesn't have to stay on the street.

Yesterday we had a beautiful rainbow, and the cherry tree is now in full bloom

My blogfriend Andrew from Australia had forseen that Rosie would use the second floor in a few weeks and he was right  ! She really did, but it took her 2 years to dare to climb on the tree !!


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  1. You had a double rainbow - beautiful.
    People who talk about their ailments all the time are only interested in themselves - very boring!

  2. The rainbow and the cherry tree are gorgeous. Such a nice view out of your apartment. Glad you were able to find someone that Rosie likes to take care of her while you are gone. That is always such a worry for us pet owners.

  3. Peculiar that it would take Rosie that long.

  4. Along with the rainbow, it is very interesting light outside.

  5. I am glad you have found someone to care for Rosie while you are away.
    Nicole's situation makes me so sad. I hope you will have an opportunity to see her.
    Love the rainbow!

  6. Pretty rainbow.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.

  7. That Cherry tree is just beautiful. How lucky to have it outside your window. Glad that you have found a cat sitter. Does she take the cat to her house or does she stay in your house? It is a sad time when our friends are getting too old to play. Growing old is not nice but better than the alternative.

  8. Lovely rainbow. Glad you found a sitter for Rosie - one less thing to worry about. Sorry to hear about Nicole. Very sad. Hope your weekend was good.


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