23 Sept 2022


This week seems to me as just one day, because now that the two months of administration sleeping are over my notary asked me for different documents which she needed to complete my "succession case" !

It's really a shame how much paper is wasted, for such a simple succession case as mine ! No wonder that in one year, 13,235 square kilometers of rainforest were destroyed, and this in a time you can do nearly everything by computer, but .... then they have to print it out. 

So I was digging the whole week in looking for documents which made no sense, because of course the tax office despite the holidays had already found out where I was hiding my millions ! I pity rich people with land, houses etc, but often they manage to avoid the taxes, it's always the little honest human who pays.

Anyway I was happy that I had recovered during my holidays in Eastbourne, and was able to do it.

Besides filling in my empty fridge, doing some shopping and chatting with my neighbour, nothing happened except my adventure with a transfer to the UK of 100 £ which my friend there had lent me. I tried via my Smartphone, it didn't work. I tried on my computer it didn't work either. I never had difficulties of doing transfers. 

Finally I gave up and went personally and without an appointment to the bank. I was stopped by the receptionist who wanted to know what I want that I dared to enter the bank without appointment.

 I threw the slip of paper with the bank numbers on his desk and told him I ONLY wanted to transfer 100£ to the UK and it didn't work. 

He was young and probably thought that this ancestor couldn't handle the new ustensils, took the slip of paper and generously told me he would do it for me. And then he started typing around on his computer for a while and then he asked me if the numbers were correct, which I could only confirm. 

He tried again and again it just didn't work (I was happy) then it finally worked and why? Apparently the online form has changed because the UK is now part of the other continents and  no longer in Europe although it has not moved on the map. Thanks to Boris Brexit! 

Poor companies on both sides who have to deal with that every day and loose time for nothing.

This was the exciting week I had behind me, with one positive point, I found my Easter decoration which I hadn't found on Easter while I was looking for a file !

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  1. So you're thankful this past week is over, right??!! WOW...that is crazy about the bank transfer. Thankfully I haven't experienced any issues like that although our mortgage has been paid off and yet for some reason the bank where we got the loan is still sending us reminders. good grief!! We paid if off after 28 yrs and have the slip of paper to prove it!

  2. Boring Brexit deserves a good kick in the arse.

  3. I am sorry you are still dealing with all that paperwork that needs doing...what an aggravating mess.

    And how weird and annoying about the bank transferring issue.

    Have a nice restful week ahead:)

  4. What a week! Haha ... I can't help but agree with the two earlier thoughts above. :)

  5. I know we have had difficulties sending money various places. So frustrating. I thought they all wanted my money but they won't take it...
    Even if you prepare and plan everything, something usually 'goes wrong' so I am glad you are on your way to fixing it all up.
    I'm glad you had that holiday in Eastbourne to give you the energy you have needed lately.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend!

  6. I'm very late visiting for FFF as we had family here the last few days. Frustrating as last week was for you, it's good it's over. It's crazy how hard it is to do some transactions online--it seems like it should be so easy. Yay for finding the Easter decoration!


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