20 May 2022


On Monday the beautiful weather continued and the first thing I did was bringing back the freshly bought parasol which had flown away and a stick was broken. I was not sure if they would take it back, but there was no problem at all, not only I got a new and better model, because mine was out of stock, and 30 € back ! It was cheaper ! 

After having done my shopping I ended up at Adeline's to have a coffee with her, she keeps the little dog of her daughter. It is a little thing, but behaves like a Rottweiler and had already bitten her two sons. She was very worried that her little terrorist would attack me, but the contrary happened. As I was not impressed by his barking and growling, but instead told him gently to shut up and growled back,  he landed on my lap and adopted me as his big friend !

The next day I went visiting Rick. When I arrived I met the head nurse and asked her if everything was OK with Rick. Oh yes she said everything is OK he eats with the others and there are no problems. That's when my alarm bells, apparently this nurse wasn't informed at all. I ran to Rick's room as fast as I could. The door was wide open and he was sitting in a chair in a corner, staring at nothing. He was fully undressed and had probably climbed out of bed, even though the barrier was up. It was a miracle that he hadn't broken his neck.

I threw my bag onto the nearest chair and ran like a fury down and into the sisters' office. I told the nurse who had told me that everything was fine, to come with me right away. At first she didn't want to but when I'm angry then I'm angry I stay polite but my voice gets very loud. I threatened to take pictures and go further, if she didn't come with me right away

Eventually she got scared and came with me. When she saw Rick she was very upset and ashamed. I told her that apparently she hadn't read his file after the weekend.

Then she called a giant who picked Rick up like he was a doll but first dressed him and put new bed sheets.  When Rick was sleeping peacefully and everything was fine, I left.

Neither the nurse nor the director showed up when I got off the elevator, they hid in an office. Of course, everyone had heard the scene. When I got home I had to calm down. 

The next day Isabelle went to check. Everything was impeccable he even had got a mattress anti bedsores with a remote control to make it soft or hard. He was not hungry he just drank a bit, but of course nobody had thought that Rick likes to play with remote controls and his mattress was nearly on the ground. But that hadn't disturbed him at all. Isabelle had to laugh when she saw him sitting like a bird in a nest ! I never had to complain about the residence, I don't know what has happened lately.

On Wednesday I picked up Nicole who is always alone in her apartment. Despite her brain cancer she has all her head she only became slow and needs a walker when she goes out. This time she climbed out of the car all alone and walked normally. It's a real miracle that she is in such a good condition. The doctor had told her that she is a miracle ! All the so said friends had let her down too. She was happy to get out of her apartment and we inaugurated the new parasol which I had put up alone, but it needed to be fixed a bit more. Adeline joined us with little Rottweiler but she behaved good didn't even see cat Rosie who was sleeping in her basket. So no war broke out.

Then Isabelle came to fix it like it has to be and also picked up a paper for the tax declaration. Fortunately her friend would do it for me this year again. I am so lucky ! We spent a real nice afternoon on my "new" terrace

Threatening clouds came up and I drove Nicole home before the thunderstorm started. 

I was looking for cords to fix the parasol against strong winds and suddenly thought of Rick's ties, and found three. Two with cats one with Father Christmas. The others he had given away apparently. So far I have been unable to clean out his room.

I knotted them around the parasol, so the wind couldn't blow them up. It looks very nice and I am sure that Rick would be pleased that his ties have found a useful place. He hated ties and growled each morning when he had to knot one around his neck. 

The thunderstorm arrived and my parasols stayed straight in the strong wind and the ties did their job.

I really feared to visit Rick, not knowing in which state I would find him and his room. And what a surprise ! It was like in the past, apparently my explosion had done its effect ! 

The room was tidy, Rick was in his bed with his new mattress perfectly set, the remote control out of his view. He didn't want to eat or drink anything. As it was again so hot, they even had found the the cooler with ventilator which looked like a little tower and made the air fresh and it was working perfectly. This had been a gift from our son who is also very worried about his Dad's well being. 

What was a bit bitter for me was Rick making plans to travel with me ! Since 2010 he refused to travel and I had to travel alone. Although we called each other every evening it was not the same. Now he talked about a cruise and that we should go to Africa etc. 

Again he only talked Italian and I agreed to all his plans. When he fell asleep after a short time I went home. I can't watch him sleep, that's too hard and brings back so many memories. 

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  1. Lesson: You cannot trust anyone but your eyes. Kudos for the 'explosion'! the nurse definitely deserved it.

  2. I still think you need a sail to cover your balcony, removed in winter.

    Well done at making a fuss at the Rick's care home. You should not have had to, but at least you did. Rick has you to speak for him. So many have no one.

  3. What a clever use of your husband’s ties. He would definitely love what you did. This post is packed with many interesting tales. I like how you stood up to the dog and thank goodness your husband has you to make sure his comfort needs are not neglected.

  4. I am so sorry about the incident with Rick. We had a few scenes, too, when my m-i-l was in a facility. It was so odd, at each place she was in, they'd take copious notes about her care plan--but then most would not look at it. I am glad things were better later in the week. Funny about the ties used on the parasol. They worked and were cute! We have to close ours, too (ours has a little Velcro strip sewed in to wrap around) or else it flies away when it's windy. It's so good--and amazing!--that Nicole is doing so well.

  5. It sounds like recent days have been tumultuous for you.

  6. I can't imagine how hard this is with Rick--I am so glad your son will be with you this weekend. A couple of times, I had to 'get loud' with my father's nurses. But it helped my father, so I did it.
    Your terrace is looking great. A perfect place to relax with friends.

  7. Glad you got that umbrella/parsol mess fxed.

    I am so sorry that Rick was not supervised and was neglected like that. Where I work, that is grounds to let whoever was not doing their job properly to be let go. Good thing you were not a mouse and made sure that things got righted...at least they all know now that you expect proper care and vigilance.

    I am glad you have good friends to help and support you.

    Those ties made me giggle a bit, LOL!

  8. I'm also sorry about what happen were Rick is at. I would like to know how many patience vs staff. Idaho it one aid to every 20 people. That those who are doing the grunt work.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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