28 Jan 2022


On Monday I started calling the banks again, because you are no longer allowed to just step in and ask a question, now you first have to make an appointment. It's easier to get into Alcatraz then in a Bank !

After having been  on the phone for 2 hours and listened to the different options, I realized that there was nowhere an option to make an appointment  but only via the Internet.

Finally I pressed a number hoping to get an appointment. The lady on the phone asked me what I wanted. I said I would like to open a saving account. There was a pause as if I had asked her to send me some gold bars and then she snapped at me : we don't do that anymore, it's too much work (!!!) Now I really had enough! Too much work ?? I asked her,  Then a good night and sleep well !  I'll go to another bank, they certainly will be more polite to deal with customers  ! I rather put my money under my mattress! 

That was really the last thing, in the past Banks laid out a red carpet, the director came personally, you got a cup of coffee, etc. and now .... it's too much work! 

Finally I called the last Bank which was on my list and which was just here at the end of my Boulevard. Fortunately I was sitting, because a human voice answered me !!! No option menu ! I was so surprised that I asked the girl if she was a real person, she laughed and I got a friendly man on the phone who even proposed me to come immediately ! Fortunately I had taken all information about the banks before contacting them and we fixed an appointment. I couldn't believe it. 

I just had the force to do my weekly shopping and then I fell on my sofa and relaxed !
I need to go to the hairdresser so I went to Carrefour but apparently I was not the only one who had this idea and there was no room for me. I returned home and did some computer work.

Rick was quite well when I visited him, he even went with me to the salon where a "quiz" was taking place about French chansons. Nothing for us but for me it was interesting to see that some people who could hardly speak still knew everything! 
I ran out of cat food and had to go out only for that, but of course I couldn't starve Miss Rosie. The seller gave me a little bag of Catnip for her. Normally Rosie has a stuffy nose because she doesn't care about it. But this little bag had an effect on her as if she was tipsy! Adeline who was here for coffee  laughed her head off !

This morning when I opened the curtains the houses behind the trees had disappeared ! 


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  1. A bank that doesn't do savings accounts--that is so weird! I am glad you finally found a friendly, capable bank. I'm so glad Rick was doing better this week.

  2. So sorry about all the banking issues. It's unbelievable how businesses are run these days. But, it sounds like you ended up in a good place. The cartoon makes me laugh!

  3. Wow. I'd leave that bank, too. I'm glad you did find a pleasant REAL person on the phone.
    Good news that Rick was better this week.
    Once I had catnip growing in a pot on my porch. A feral cat found, ATE it and passed out on the step--didn't even get up and run away when I walked out the door. Cats certainly do love their catnip--esp Rosie.
    Have a good weekend--stay warm and don't get lost in your neighborhood.

  4. The bank employee said it was too much work. That is beyond crazy. I dislike those awful phone trees where you wait and press one and then wait and press 4 and then, on and on. Your kitty is so pretty and looks nice on the colorful chair.

  5. Banks are unbelievable but even worse is our internet provider. Glad Rick is okay. I am lucky to have found a retired hairdresser in our village. She cuts our hair in her home for a cheap price.

  6. I am happy to hear there are still banks who want to see their customers in person. You scored! I refuse to do any banking online, but here its still relatively easy to see 'real peeps'. One just has to be ready to wait in line...well, we do that all the time everywhere, even to get into stores sometimes,. Stupid covid...

    How nice that Rick was feeling chipper when you visited. That helps to lift your spirits, too.

    It sure was foggy there!

  7. Wow, that is a bizarre reaction from a bank! Glad you found one with a real person answering the phone. I really dislike those automated phone things. So glad Rick was feeling good when you went for your visit! Those foggy pictures are lovely.

  8. i am glad that you finally got to speak to a real person when organizing your savings account. Courteous service has become such a rarity these days, it almost makes you wonder whether institutions deliberately set out to hire the most obnoxious people they can find.

  9. Getting through to any institution on the phone is difficult these days. Just finding the phone number first can be a challenge. Our bank only operates online but they are very easy to call and you always get a person first, no menus. And they are always pleasant and helpful. They are part of a larger group that does have branches which you can visit for certain things like depositing cash etc but I'm usually drawing it out not paying it in lol. Glad you had a better visit with Rick.


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