2 Aug 2021






The weekend was like the whole month of July, cool and rainy, all outside activities cancelled not because of our beloved Virus but because of the rain. Since the Corona Virus time started the News or Newspapers are full of statistics. Statistics about the virus of course, statistics of the traffic, statistics of the weather and here they calculated that we had exactly 3 Summer days in July !!

What did I do ? I copied my cat Rosie, with the only exception  that I surfed on Internet and read Blog posts and also watched TV.  I also visited Mr. G. who wasn't so well, so I chatted a bit with everybody, some of these old ladies are plenty of humour ! 

 Rosie's only 24 days interruption was her excursion to the litter box.

If in August which is supposed to be a summer month we will have the same weather, I start to count the raindrops on my balcony and make statistics !


  1. Waterloo is looking very fine and sunny and what interesting pets you have.

  2. Nice images. There seem to be a lot of roamimng kitties there. And a camel!? OMC!
    Morocco sure looks like an interesting country.

  3. We need rain so badly. We are in a serious drought and everything is dead and brown. At least rain is good weather for napping!

  4. Camels. Adorable. I've always wanted to ride one, but I'm to old now. I'd probably hurt myself. Love all the kitties.

    Sorry you're getting so much rain. We could use some here though. So dry here.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  5. Oh my- we've had record breaking temperatures here- and no rain...send some please!

  6. I hope you get some sunshine soon! Rosie, you look very comfy.

  7. What heat! Have a great week and keep following Rose

  8. The weather is crazy and it gets worse every year. Hope Mr G is doing better. The intense heat has exhausted me. I get irritable and I just want to sleep.

  9. Right now, we would gladly trade the heat, smoke, fires and loss of the internet for some rain! We did NOT have any rain in July at all! Sending you love and strength and prayers for Mr G.

  10. Cats know what to do. It is cold here, as we are in the southern hemisphere, so my cat Sasha refuses to go into the cold, preferring to curl up somewhere in the house. Today he is spending his time hidden in his velvet house on the lounge.

  11. It is cold here, but winter. My cat is curled up in his velvet house.


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