14 May 2021


Again Monday and I rake my brain to remember what have I done the first day of the week ? And then I remembered I had done paperwork ! Paying invoices and have endless conversations with the healthcare and then a quite rough conversation with our Internet provider who had sent us an invoice for an old box which the technician had taken away from our house when we moved, and they probably thought I have stolen it. 

114 € is not a little amount so I let him look through the whole file and finally as he couldn't find anything he agreed to credit our account  with the 114 € as it was "an old thing probably destroyed" I didn't mind the reason for  the credit he had to justify, I just wanted my money. This conversation too took nearly an hour !

and while he was looking in our file to find the references of the old box, I admired the different greens in the garden from my window.

We had our Scrabble at Myriam's we still were only three because' Nicole is still in hospital (as Mr. G) and the other one was busy with her Ramadan which finished today !

We didn't manage to eat the whole cake but certainly more than the half. Was delicious !

I got my first vaccin !  The place was a huge sport stadion but we were only very few people maybe 8. It went very quick. I got the Pfizer and the second shot will be in June.

Since we have moved in, we shortly had neighbors who moved out and  yesterday a new one moved in. A lady my age who seems to be very nice ! We talked a bit before the furniture arrived which has to go through our balcony/.

It went rather quickly very good company, not like ours which had been a catastrophe !

I had invited my new neighbor who is a real Brussels' girl also with the accent ! These people are famous for their cheefulness and humour. I had invited her for a coffee late afternoon, but she was still in the middle of her mess (she used another word "brothel") which made me laugh and we agreed to postpone our coffee for another day. 

Her grandchildren and her son were there to help her, so she was not alone. When I called Mr. G. he had a bad day not feeling well and asking me strange things like sending a birthday card to my daughter in law, which is in August. I hope sincerely that when he comes home he will be normal again.

 and Rosie in her Lockdown sleep !

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  1. Glad you got your first vaccine. I wish it was my turn already, but I probably have to wait another month or so!

  2. Pictures of Rosie always make me smile.
    Yay on getting your first vaccine!
    The way those movers work with the crane amazes me.
    Seeing that cake makes me hungry! Looks yummy!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Good that you have had your first vaccine and hopefully you will get to know your new neighbour soon. I hope you didn't have any after effects from the jab.

  4. That was some excitement at your place!! Glad you have a nice new neighbor now:)

    And Hooray for the vaccine!! I had both of mine earlier this year.

  5. It's so nice to have an agreeable neighbor. I feel bad for Mr. G.--hopefully he will get better soon and be able to come home.

    That cake looks SO good! I'm glad you were able to get the first vaccine and it wasn't too crowded. I wonder if they'll give Mr. G. one in the hospital?


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