4 Sep 2020


The days come and go and nothing changes or yes there is more traffic on the road because all schools have started. Normally they should all have the same rules, but here in this little country the Coronavirus rules are Flemish or French.

On Monday we had our Scrabble game inside, as the temperature had dropped quite a lot, almost to the half we had the week before. I think autumn is in the air !

Nicole has left the hospital after 3 weeks of radio and chimiotherapy and is at home now. Her daughter takes care of her until they find another solution, after one month. She looks good and is not so tired anymore and is very happy to be with us. So we visit her or we invite her and that way her daughter has a bit of free time too.

The store who had made my curtains finally called me to tell me that I can pick up the two curtains which were wrong, they had mixed up the length with the width !! All in all it took a long time with these curtains, I had ordered them in May and got the first part beginning August and the second part beginning of September ! And all that is the fault of the Coronavirus where we were all locked into our homes and companies and shops closed !!

I also picked up a few of my paintings which I had left with my ancient neighbor and Myriam and Nicole helped me to hang them on the walls ! One wall we couldn't use at all it was in concrete and when Myriam tried to hammer a nail in the wall it became crooked ! No wonder that we never hear any noise from our neighbors.

Now the paintings are on the wall

We are all feeling tired and also bored ! The shops remain empty even during the "Sales" period, nobody buys clothes, there is nowhere to go, except in a restaurant. Which we did this week again.

For the economy it is a disaster many little boutiques had to close, the artists have no work because there is no theatres, all festivities have been cancelled ! We all had hoped that by September it would get better but no, it is even sometimes worse especially when you want to go on holidays in another country and it becomes a red zone during your stay. Then officially you have to leave, get a test and stay home for 2 weeks. But I know people who just slipped through, nobody checked.

Still it is not a normal life and the only thing which cheers me up is the decoration of my new home.

Only Rosie is happy, she doesn't care about social life as long as she has a filled food bowl,  water and the best napping places !

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  1. Your apartment is turning more into a home every week. I'm sure you're glad to have your artwork up and yes Rosie looks very settled! Schools have reopened here. We'll all be watching to see how it impacts on the number of cases etc. The rules here keep changing by the day and it's hard to keep up but we're still staying close to home and just visiting family so it doesn't make much difference to us. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. You can go to restaurants? Luxury!

  3. Hopefully, schools' reopening doesn't make things worse.
    Good news about Nicole!
    Lovely photos of spots in your apartment!

  4. Your apartment looks more beautiful and inviting with the paintings!
    Rosie sure looks happy...it's good to be a kitty :-)

  5. I'm glad Nicole is doing well and you finally go your curtains. I'm sure having your paintings up makes your apartment seem so much more homey and personal.

  6. I love how you are getting settled in your new place. And that is great news about Nicole. I'm glad you are able to visit with her.

  7. You seem to have settled well into your new apartment and are making it a home.

  8. Pleased to hear Nicole is out of hospital. Your apartment is looking very good and it seems you are now well settled in and Rosie is happy.

  9. restaurant with outdoor chairs and tables look so attractive....
    Hope, Nicole getting better and better.....

  10. Love the outdoor patio restaurants. Your place is looking more like home all the time. Praying Nicole continues on her road to recovery. I'm sure she was very happy with your visit. I think Rosie has the right idea.


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