30 Mar 2020


Hello !


We are still confined in our homes and have to find occupations. Mr. G. plays cards with his computer because his Whist Club is closed. So he spends his time between computer and TV.

But he also does the shopping and went on Saturday morning to Aldi to buy his stuff and my "Mousse au chocolat". Now the older people don't have to line up, they can go straight ahead to the entrance, where they get a humid tissue to clean the caddie bar. He found everything he needed and returned home.

I did almost the same except I didn't go out shopping but I also spend my time between computer and TV. What else should I do ?

Nicole called and asked Myriam and me to come over, because she needed a bit company. We were only too happy to follow the invitation. It was warm and I could even sit only in a T-shirt on the Terrace. But at 5 it became cool and we went inside.

Little Isis kept us company and fell in love with my shoes, she pushed them around and tried to put her head inside.

Sunday was an awful day ! A strong ice cold wind and a grey sky ! The sunny week had disappeared. We also had to change our clocks to summertime and went one hour ahead. I personally don't care, one hour difference I don't even realize.

I woke up at 9 which suited me very well, had a coffee washed my hair and recorded some movies on TV. Meanwhile the phone rang and everybody wanted to know if we had survived another day. I also talked to Grandson Toby who spoke to me from Amsterdam. He still is allowed to play with his little friends on their street, which is only occupied by bikes, even in normal times. My son and DIL are working from home and Toby has some homework via internet.

A group of parents in our city organized a collect of broken laptops or laptops which people don't need anymore, they will repair them and give them to children whose parents have no money to buy a computer.

After lunch I watched TV then prepared my Blogs, took some pictures of cat Rosie and suddenly it was suppertime, after supper again TV time and then to bed.

I think I will be able to copy and paste the same text for next weekend and probably the weekend after too !

There is nothing elso to do then being patient that this Virus leaves the whole world. And patience is not really my cup of tea ! I have to learn !


  1. My mom only dreams of being bored for a few days. She still has work to do, and so many projects around the house she hasn't had time to do, plus working with us all on our sports training. It's crazy even when she is confined.

  2. It certainly is strange times in an uncertain world. Stay safe and well.

  3. I think by the time all this is over you will definitely have learned patience. You are lucky to be able to visit your friends.

  4. We have an Aldi here in Texas too, I don' believe they have something as yummy as your favorite treat though. I love those photos, very awww-worthy!

  5. Hello little duck. So cute. So is little Isis. Funny with that shoe.

    I'm glad you got everything at the store you needed. That's not happening for many.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  6. Love the ducks! I'm surprised Toby is allowed to see his friends - all our children are shut away for the duration. It's okay if you have siblings - or maybe not!
    Take care, keep well!

  7. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet, according to Aristotle. I think he was right. :)

  8. Your sweetie does the shopping and my sweetie stays inside working on projects....I have invented one for my self. I am a qu8ilter and have oodles of teeny scraps from the many baby quilts made over the years, so I am now taking these minute pieces and sewing them together to make a scrappy ( not crappy )
    baby quilt......I'll post it when done! A few weeks at least!
    Cheers....keep up the good attitude!


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