20 Sep 2019


The previous post was a meme or theme just as you like and its title was "the same thing". I have the impression that at least for the moment it's always the same thing, I mean my weeks !

We started with Scrabble at Ilona, one was missing because she got a new parquet and had to stay home.

We were not very much concentrated because we always talked about what we have to do for our forthcoming painting exhibition The poster was ready and the fliers too, but there is still some work to do.

I had to go to the city hall to bring the confirmation letter, that we would participate in the reception given by the mayor for the 50 years long wedding anniversaries of some couples I suppose. Going there saved me stamps and snail mail has the speed of a snail.

The questionnaires I will fill in online just to show that oldies too can handle computers. The questions are a bit stupid amongst others they ask if our marriage was good ! Could it be bad when you stay 50 years together, I wonder ? They also ask how we met and some anecdotes, where I have to modify slightly the truth, otherwise I will loose my good reputation.

I have got a few pictures of our grandson from my son and had to created files and folders

The one and only football player (soccer) in the family on both sides !!

In the afternoon I went shopping I needed a "golden book" for our vernissage and after 3 shops with books in white for weddings, or light green for I don't know what and very expensive I finally found exactly what we needed and it was half price !

Nothing new in aqua gym classes (the same thing) nobody lost his bathing suit or another incident.

After lunch and a little movie (from which I only saw the end, must have fallen asleep) I went to Nicole to see her new parquet and the other renovations she had done in her bedroom. The guy had really done a very good job. Now the poor girl has to clean up the whole mess with her cleaning lady.

We had a very interesting and nice painting class, since there is a new fresh wind blowing through the class, with lots of new ideas and newcomers too, we are busy to reorganize the whole class.
I made a pouring for the exhibition and have two more to show.

and this is the result

Now those who want learn other techniques, we have different tables. Everybody is happy. We had a real nice morning and after "school" we went for lunch together.

Another always the same thing went by.


Andrew said...

Snail mail really had become snail mail. I can imagine marriages of 50 years being bad. Lucky that yours isn't. Lol at modifying the truth but I wonder if at your age you should do so and just not come right out and say it. No generation invented sex and why not just be truthful about it.

Willow said...

I always love hearing about your same old, same old weeks. Your painting class is always fascinating to me.
It will be fun to hear all about that Golden Wedding anniversary celebration in your city.
One of my grandsons plays soccer and the other plays baseball. I love watching their games when I can. Pictures are a good second best, aren't they?

William Kendall said...

You've been keeping busy!

Fun60 said...

Your week is always so busy. I like your 'pouring' painting. A new technique that has worked well. I've never heard of a city celebrating golden weddings before so you must let us all know what happens.

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you found the anniversary book you needed half off! Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! That's so nice of the city to celebrate golden anniversaries, and nice to show the young folks it CAN be done! Our 40th is coming up in December. The painting class sounds exciting. Toby looks very athletic!

A Soccer Fan said...

Well. I was the only one in my family who Loves soccer. I played it when I was younger. Thankfully my nephews and even nieces play the game now. Now I can only support a team due to injuries. Hope your grandson would bring the spirit of soccer to the rest of your family :-)

A Diehard Liverpool Ultra

susan said...

Gattina, I laughed when you said that you would have to slightly modify the truth about your happy marriage. Now of course, I am curious and want to know what you could possibly say that would ruin your reputation.

Your same old same old for each week sounds delightful to mete. Keep on telling us. One of these days I will get into a Scrabble group, an aqua group, or a painting group. Any one of these things would be so good for me.

How fun to get current photos of your grandson.
Have a great week.

mamasmercantile said...

Same old same old maybe but a lot of fun in the process. Love the artwork, such a fascinating technique.

Mara said...

Now imagine your weeks without your scrabble, your painting, your aquagym and all the other things you do. Your weeks would be so boring and even more same.

Susanne said...

I love those pour paintings. They are just so neat and colorful. How nice that your city celebrates Golden Anniveraries. That is truly a huge milestone!