16 Sept 2019




It doesn't happen very often, but this weekend I had to play my grandma role ! Now my Grandson will be 9 and is not a baby anymore.

He arrived with our son on Saturday afternoon, because he is a keen football player (soccer) and had to play before they left for Brussels.

Anyway, they just arrived in time to eat a Brussels' waffle with blueberry jam and whipped creme which I had prepared for Toby because he loves it !  We were really lucky it was a warm sunny weekend and there were many festivities for families going on. In Waterloo we had the Farmer's fest and there were also many animals and games and a lot to eat. Toby and I went there, while his Dad wanted to go shopping and Mr. G. wanted his bed for a nap.

He did very well on these torture machines as I would call them. He is quite tall, 1.50 for his still 8 years !

Then he tried games made out of wood, and had a lot of fun.

We wandered around and saw all kind of animals, chicks very cute and chicken, rabbits, geese,sheep etc

and not to forget ice cream ! Then we returned home.

In the evening we went for Mussels with chips it is the season now, Toby choose spaghetti of course as all  children, and my son had two pots of mussels, because after 5 it's "all you can eat" for mussels. I had enough with one pot it was already huge !

The next day was a Horse show fest, also with a lot to eat to drink and horses of all breeds !

Before we left,  he put on what his Dad had bought for him the day before,  for the new football season. As Toby is growing so fast, he needed a new one. We admired it all and then after breakfast we went to see the horse shows,  just in the next little town. This time Mr. G came with us, it was the first time since his hip operation that he dared to go for a walk.

Father and son

While my son snail walked with Mr. G, I tried not to loose Toby,  the jumping flea  from spot to spot, until he stopped and wanted to shoot with darts on balloons. I bought him 7 darts for 5 € and he shot 5 balloons. Not bad at all, didn't know that we had a dart specialist in the family. He could choose something. He didn't like anything and asked me again for 5 € which I didn't have. I choose a mignon, because he wanted nothing and I didn't want him to take nothing. Finally I got the mignon which later I hang in my car.

Some poneys

and a part of the show.

We returned home for lunch and then went visiting Toby's little friend Benji and his parents. We spent a nice afternoon on their terrace and ate a cake and then it was already time to say good bye and father and son returned to Amsterdam. To my pleasure, Toby only left reluctantly he would have preferred to stay a bit longer !


  1. Booking my next holiday for all you can eat mussels.

  2. Your Toby is adorable! I particularly like the picture of him with the ice-cream. and a little girl near him, contemplating the rabbits in their enclosure.

  3. Gosh that weekend was just made for entertaining a 9 year old ...and his grandma! (Love things that are fun for all generations).

  4. LOL "jumping flea from spot to spot" ... :-) I understand, kids are like that! It's great Mr. G went out as well!

  5. I can't recall now the proper name for that long table board with the four slots at the end, but we had one at the house when I was growing up.

  6. Looks like fun! I bet he had a great time, I know I would have - what a handsome young man. I love your minion!

  7. Did you crochet the blanket Miss Kittys on? It sure pretty colors.
    Coffee is on

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend. I was thrilled to read Mr G was able to take a walk along with you, what a great family outing.

  9. Awww on the kitties. Kitties are the very best.

    Looks like your son and grandson wore you out. They have a habit of doing that. Glad you can rest now. You did do a lot of things.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    I hope you had a fabulous Awww Monday, Gattina. ♥

  10. Wow, Toby is so tall and he has long arms and legs! I think he will be tall like Mr. G. and your son! I still believe she looks like you! Such a handsome (beautiful) boy!!


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