10 Jan 2019


With our three cats sunrise is a kind of alarm clock. In winter it's OK because it is dark until 9 am and by that time I am up to feed the three room tigers, meowing for breakfast,  before my eardrum has burst.

In summer it becomes more complicated. We have shutters on the windows in the whole house except of course at the entrance door. Unfortunately for me, there are little windows at the door which lets the sun shine through. The cats, even if they are in a dark bedroom feel that the sun rises at 6 am so they think they should get up too, and when they get up there stomachs claim, which causes a concert in my room. I tried to pretend not to hear but after half an hour I gave up. My principle that I am the boss turned out not to be true. They are. Nobody can stand three cats singing with all their heart, not all together but one by one, or two together or one alone. The noise is the same.

After having given up to be the boss, as soon as one says "meow" I jump out of my bed, find half asleep the way to the kitchen, take the cat food, fill in three bowls and return as quick as possible into my bed until the shutters open for my personal sunrise, which of course I can't see anymore because by the time I get up the sun is shining !

Sometimes mostly during holidays I manage to watch the sun going up over the sea or a lake or a mountain, but at home almost never. I have to admit sometimes I cheat, because on a photo you can't really tell if it is a sunrise or a sunset !!

My sunrise alarm clocks


  1. I've known that feeling for the last week or so with my daughter's cat here. She is very good at telling me to get up but the last couple of days hubby has given her food in the morning because he has been up for work.

  2. Mine knows that when the lights don't come on, nothing happens. Summer or winter! Once I am up however it is another matter...

  3. It is much the same with a dog, usually because he needs to go out to pee.

  4. The alarm clocks are adorable. Yes, cats are in charge of everything, being a supreme life form. Somehow they can go right back into a three hour nap after breakfast, but humans are denied that.

  5. LOL LOL, yep kitties are the boss here as well :-)

  6. Kitties are always the boss.

  7. Cats are always the boss! .... Some big travel publication in Oregon used a sunrise picture on the cover and called it a sunset, but people could tell because of the landmarks and it caused a lot of red faces in embarrassment!


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