30 Nov 2018


The week started with thinking about the suitcase and what to take along to Egypt. Apparently it is hot during the day, but cool in the evening, so we needed at least one cardigan.

Our flight ticket had 9 pages to be printed and as Nicole and I were on the same documents, I got crazy and asked her for help. We seperated the papers and threw half of them away !

Chantal's son drove us to the airport. On the way we had quite an adventure, there was a taxi driving like crazy cutting the way of the other cars and changed the lines. Son is police inspector and he followed the car like in a movie chasing the taxi , but he lost it in the garage of the airport. We had some adrealine during the chase !

Our flight was rather boring, we had all wheelchair assistance because the way from the entrance to the plane is about 2 km long if not more and Chantal with her crutches, Nicole with her ankle and I with my breathing had asked for it anyway it costs nothing. The good thing is that you have priority everywhere, they take care of your suitcase and you go quickly through all controls.

Here we waited for the wheelchairs or little electric cars to be driven to the plane.

Arriving in Hurghada, we had immediately a taxi which drove us to our hotel (our second home meanwhile)

A lot of renovations had been done, and the restaurant looked real nice now in blue and white, all light colors. The lamps too had been replaced by very modern once.

Outside everything was freshly repainted and the steps to the swimming pool renewed.

The beachbeds were new and the island had been enlarged.

There was a new Yakuzzi a quite big one, but out of order, because it was leaking. In the next days it will be usable again.

The swimming pool is also bigger and looks beautiful when it's dark

A new bar was also built for smoking water pipes

The first day on the beach early mornings, we are tired from the flight and the climate change

little birds were cleaning the breakfast tables outside the restaurant.

and a new barbecue area is been built but not yet ready !

That's all news I have for now it's so wonderful to be in the warm sun and at home it's cold and rainy !

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Barbara H. said...

Everything looks so nice! And warm! Have fun!

Andrew said...

It sounds like you will have a lovely and relaxing time in the warmth. The hotel is looking very smart.

William Kendall said...

That pool looks inviting.

Tamago said...

Wow the hotel (or your second home!) did a lot of renovations! Looks so beautiful and relaxing there. Enjoy your vacation!

mamasmercantile said...

Lots of renovations, that will enhance the hotel. Have a wonderful break away.

Maribeth said...

Oh, how lovely! I woke to yet another day of snow! We have so much winter weather too early this year!

Willow said...

What a wonderful place to go for a warm weather holiday! Enjoy!