16 Jul 2018


The wonderful summer weather continues and my outside office is daily in use !

In company of my not very entertaining cats, because they do nothing but sleep I try to put my posts together and my pictures too;

To increase the holiday feeling I had a drink at the Waterloo Lion, where some Japonese and British people tried to climb up the 253 steps in this heat. There were a few Belgians too, but they were very disappointed because they had all seen the site before the bicentenary when it was nice and cheerful and not a sad and austere place as it seems to be now.

Nicole, Bunny and I took the opportunity to go to the Lake of Genval as the streets were empty, people were watching football, Belgium against the UK ! Later when we were at Nicole's we heard the whole city screaming and the cars horn, so we knew that Belgium had won.

This shows the people in the park when the game was going on. I just drove by. I am not interested in football, but I like the ambience.

On Sunday the devil was going on in Brussels, literally, because the "Red Devils" had returned from Moscow to Brussels, had been received by the King and the Queen and then went in a red double decker bus through the city to the Grand'Place where 9000 people were expecting them ! Some arrived already at 7 am to be sure to have a good place to see them. I had a very good place in my chair and took the pictures from there. I had never ever seen so many Belgian flags and such a patriotism, because we are supposed to hate the Flemish people and vice versa, but apparently this is only in the mind of the politicians and doesn't concern the people. Waiting so long in this heat (it was around 30°C) just to see them ! Crazy. Apparently football (soccer) brings people together. Belgium is on the third place on a worldwide level which is really not bad at all !


mamasmercantile said...

Love your outside office. The atmosphere must have been amazing, well done Belgium.

Fun60 said...

Congratulations on your win. I didn't bother watching as I am not a football fan. It is lovely to wake up to sunshine but the humidity is very unpleasant during the night. I think I need to escape to the seaside!

William Kendall said...

Bravo for the Belgian team!

Tamago said...

Such a beautiful scenery at the lake.
Congratulations to Belgium on 3rd place! It's really amazing and the team & the whole country must be very proud :-)

Loree said...

SO glad you're getting such lovely weather. I'm already sick of the heat.