13 Jun 2018


The future .... a steam car !

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1. What happens to the mail at your house?

Nothing, we don't get any mail anymore besides invoices, which are paid and filed. Less and less paper fortunately. The snails who squatted our mailbox and ate one invoice, were killed and now there is none anymore. Nothing to eat !

2. Something you always splurge on? Any guilt associated with the splurge?

No, not at all. But it can happen that if I see a bargain, that I buy it (if it's cheap !)

3. There are many, but what are two important questions you think every bride and groom should ask/answer before they plan their walk down the aisle?

Living together at least for a year and then ask questions if there are any. The walk down the aisle maybe romantic but can be tricky too.

4. What's the best advice your father ever gave you?

Never count on the government to pay you a decent pension ! and he was right !! At least for Belgium.

5. Your favorite movie where a father features heavily in the storyline?

Not my kind of movie unless the father is a serial killer !  I like psychological crime stories.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I have to go to the Russian Visa center this morning and I rake my brain if I have all papers needed. 
Amongst a filled in form, and two pictures (where I look like a criminal)  they request full health insurance certificate, probably because they don't want to pay for tourists. 


Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Interesting answers from you my new Waterloo friend. I do hope you are able to get the necessary Russian papers today for your trip. I also like thrillers, but prefer reading them than watching them. Enjoy your trip.

Wendy said...

Well hopefully you won't need to use your health insurance on your trip. Your father was definitely right about pensions. We keep having to wait longer and longer to get ours. Women used to get them at 60, men at 65 then they made it the same age - 65 but now they have changed that to 67 or even older, depending on when you were born!

A Joyful Chaos said...

So far we've never had hungry snails chomping on our bills. Who knew that something in this world actually liked bills. LOL

misty said...

Your answer in #5 made me spew a bit of coffee from my nose! Hilarious!!!

judee said...

Thanks for a good chuckle- funny and true!!

Annsterw said...

No splurges! What?!?! Although, I love a good bargain too! Your answers made my day! I am now following you - you can follow back at Annster's Domain if you want! Have a great day!

William Kendall said...

That's a show stopper!

Tamago said...

Many of mails coming to our house are junk mail - so they go straight to recycle bin!

Loree said...

Going to Russia sounds like quite a lot of work. But I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I find number three and interesting one...I live with my hubby for five years before we actual got married.
Coffee is on

Handmade Jewelry Haven said...

I, too, am eliminating paper slowly from my life. Most things I buy online and get emailed the invoices, where I 'file' them in my online 'file' drawer!

Thanks for sharing!

- Lisa

Maribeth said...

Usually, my mail is things I have ordered from Amazon for the kids or for Jack and me. ALways on sale!