11 Jun 2018


I don't know why, but this year it seems to me that time flies by so quickly ! Now we are already beginning June ! Soon the school Summer Holidays will start and we probably will have a lot of tourists.

Meanwhile we had our monthly Facebook "Vivre à Waterloo" meeting and as usual it was very nice.

This time again the Café de Paris was chosen and I have to say they have real good food.

As it was quite warm we ordered a plate of Carpaccio which was excellent !

And here we are on the left Monique, Nicole, me and Bunny my little group of best friends. There were about 30 people maybe more, and we chatted and laughed the whole evening. Around 9 - 10 pm we all left.

That was about the only thing I did on Saturday, besides household stuff.

On Sunday I went to our market nearby and bought some tomatoes, potatoes and pieces of chicken, I want to make a salad for tonight.

I spent the whole afternoon outside, watching birds and cats and also a movie, it was quiet hot and there were dark clouds in the sky announcing again a thunderstorm.

It had never happened that since a couple of weeks there were thunderstorms in different parts of Belgium nearly every day. Above you see hail in a size of a marble, spectacular lightening, flooded streets and streets full of mud. Some people had just cleaned their house when the next storm arrived.
! We were really very lucky, besides some hail we had nothing in our part of Waterloo, but on the other end streets were flooded too !

Really unhappy are the insurance companies ! Now they have to pay !

Responsible of the insurance company


Andrew said...

For a fairly large town it is great that Waterloo can have this gathering. What a mess in the streets Why is weather always so difficult.

Wendy said...

Flooding must be so miserable and to have it happen more than once must be awful.

Maribeth said...

Oh, what fun the gathering must have been. I know there are other New Hampshire bloggers, but no one acts to get us together.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame about these awful storms and the devastation that they are causing. Looks like a really fun night out.

William Kendall said...

Good lord, what a mess!

The insurance company rep is very cute, even if she is quite grumpy. :)

Tamago said...

Time flies so quickly indeed. The food at the café looks yummy!
Those hails are so huge! Glad your home was OK and I hope the affected area will recover soon.

Loree said...

Freaky weather. Here it's getting hot. Nothing very exciting weather-wise

peppylady (Dora) said...

Love going to a farmer market.
Coffee is on