4 Jun 2018


As it happens so often, when the weekend arrives the weather changed and the temperature dropped and it also rained.

Therefore we hesitated to go to the Waterloo Apero, because the grass was wet and it was rather cool at 5 pm. But we didn't want to give up our meeting and we choose a nice and cosy Brasserie called "The Apple"

It had been quite some time I hadn't been there, and Monique although she lives in Waterloo since over 30 years had never been in there. We had a lot of fun especially when I talking with my hands knocked over my glass and the beer flowed over the table on Monique's lab. Can only happen to me. The waiter cleaned the table and I got a new beer. At 7 I went home, because Mr. G. was waiting with the supper while the others went for a Pizza there was no man waiting for them at home. And they stayed until 11 pm !

After having got rid of household scores, we went to a garden show (yard) nearby.

Myriam's sister in law (here on the picture) participated in a competition in her area "who has the most beautiful garden"

I would have given her the first price ! Her garden was absolutely gorgeous. I will write more detailed and with more pictures on Tuesday for "Our World". I had never seen such a garden in my whole life ! It was a sea of flowers, blooming shrubs and plants I didn't know at all ! I could have stayed there the whole day !

Sunday morning Monique and I went to the market in the next little town. Nicole joined us there.

Monique had never been on a market to buy clothes and couldn't believe how cheap the prices were ! She even found a brand she always buys in a boutique for a lot of money while here she could get it for 5 Euros ! We laughed because the cardigan she wore and which was rather expensive she could have  bought it on the market !  There was the same brand !!

Nicole bought a blouse and a pullover and Monique too, while I bought the red blouse you see in the picture.

When we sat down on a terrace happy with the things we had bought a huge black man came with rings, bracelets and watches. 

I think we were quite noisy because we laughed so much when Nicole tried to haggle and Monique couldn't decide which ring to take. I took the one in the picture, they were all for 10 Euros. That was really a lot of fun. Then she also bought a watch, and as there were two in the box one for women one for man, she offered the one for man to Mr. G. He likes to collect watches.

The afternoon was warm again and I could blog outside.


  1. Sounds like a good time. The weekend weather was nice here, but I woke this morning to torrential rains! None of the dogs wanted to go out, but I made them. They came back in looking like drowned rats! I turned on the French Open Tennis and got myself some coffee. Let the rain fall!

  2. Fun times for you ~ great photos of friends and gardens ~

    Happy Times to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. I like the look of the Apple.

    We had good weather through the weekend. Today we're into rain.

  4. Wow, the garden looks so beautiful! I love the wooden chair. Looking forward to seeing more photos!


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