22 Jan 2018


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Plus the rain and wind it's true ! Fortunately I had some nice activities over the weekend.

We had our very first Facebook meeting of our group "Living in Waterloo" (vivre à Waterloo) and even our mayor was present (on the first picture above left, the handsome blond girl in the middle). It was great fun to see each other life and we talked about everything going on in Waterloo.

During the day there was not much to do as the usual things in the household.

The next day the city had organized a "Gospel" concert. We were all very keen to go and finally we were 5.

The concert was a catastrophe we were expecting a group of black singers as it should be, but it was a white group who moved like brooms and had not the special voice of a real gospel singer.

The leader of the choir started with explaining the origin of Gospel and I don't know from where he got this story, but most of it was absolutely wrong. 

Besides there were not all gospel songs or only one or two. Amongst Jazz songs,  they even sang "Amazing Grace" in a "Gospel concert", which  has nothing to do with Gospel. Most of the people didn't know what it was, as they hardly know their own country's anthem. Fortunately in a few songs was a black female singer, and she was absolutely great, she killed the whole choir with her powerful voice. Nicole fell asleep, didn't even wake up when I took the picture with a flash, only when the black singer started she woke up ! Of course we all laughed. We were happy when the concert was over !

To recover we went in our newly discovered Tea room (see post below) and I ordered cream tea. I was so curious how they would present it as you can't find clotted cream here. When my friends saw what I got, they wanted to try they had never eaten a scone so we all had cream tea.

Despite that the cream was not clotted the scone was freshly baked and still a bit warm, the blueberry jam was homemade and both delicious and to replace the clotted cream the cook had added a bit of lemon juice to the whipped cream and it really tasted very good. Now they all decided that we would always have our cream tea when we are going there.

me, Mireille (half blind) Nicole         Monique         Myriam

My friend Monique  had sent me these photos taken in the tea room and had added :

"I bet if we had been on stage " as the 5 Angels" There would have been more ambiance"

And she is absolutely right !


mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame the concert was a disappointment but I am sure the afternoon tea more than made up for it. Certainly sounds delicious.

Linens and Royals said...

I love scones with jam and cream, doesn't have to be clotted cream. Often called a Devonshire Tea here and in the long ago days when I used to cook I would often make scones.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The Cream Tea singers! Sounds like a great name for your new group :))). Too bad the concert was a disappointment ... I know what you mean...gospel music has to be felt from the soul. (I’m not religious, but I do love that music when done right.). I also love cream teas... but hardly ever find scones made well...never here in Florida, which is probably to be expected...the climate is wrong.

Loree said...

I love cream tea. Mmm. Thankfully we can buy clotted cream. You can actually make it yourself but it takes forever because you have to cook it in the oven (at low temperature) for like 8 hours or something like that (according to a method I found on the internet).
My new blog link is: www.sincerelyloree.blogspot.com

Wendy said...

Shame about the concert and the clotted cream but sounds as if you had a good weekend overall.