16 Dec 2017


1. Starts with X
2. craft
3. growing

X-mas tree. The personal of my hotel in Egypt has a lot of fun to decorate it !

Beautiful craft work with fruits and vegetables

Inner yard of the hotel, fresh plants growing

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Christmas tree reflecting in a ceiling mirror

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Andrew said...

I am sure you have lots of fun with the staff of your hotel.

Jim said...

They did a good job with tear tree. Have a nice holiday rhee and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and family and traveling companions. I presume that you are by the Red Sea again. Almost a fixture there now.

Jo said...

Such festivities in that hotel foyer! Great post especially with the cut out fruit and vegetables.

Tamago said...

Wow the craft work with fruits and veggies is quite impressive!
I love the reflection of Christmas tree. Beautiful!