7 Nov 2017


Looking out of the window  I saw a strange brown spot. I went outside to see what it was !

Mushrooms and a lot !

I found them disgusting and it didn't come into my mind to eat them !

In another corner of the garden was this kind. They were so strong that they had pushed the flower pot aside ! I feared a mushroom invasion and asked Mr. G. to pull them out and throw them away before they would push our house I don't know where !

A classmate of my painting course has chicken ! And maybe because she is a painter the chicken think they must lay blue eggs (one turned green, but that's the camera and not the chicken) they tasted very good, it's very practical for Easter you don't have to paint your eggs.

These kois almost jumped out of the water and on me, they thought my camera was eatable ! I thought only cats are so greedy !

Speaking of cats, one, little Rosie when she has finished playing with her toy mice puts them in her food bowl. Unfortunately sometimes I also find a real mouse !

Rosie with an not comestible mouse

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Fun60 said...

What a considerate cat to put the mice in a bowl for you.

Linens and Royals said...

Strange times indeed, blue green/green eggs I would not eat. Mushrooms that are possibly killers. Fish acting strangely and Rosie being predictable. What next I ask!!

Lady Fi said...

Lovely koi!

Mara said...

Well, she's got the right idea: food belongs in the food bowl!

Tamago said...

Oh no so many mushrooms! Mushroom invasion is a real threat...!
Rosie is so cute to put her mousie in her food bowl. But I hope she refrains from bringing real one lol :-)

carol l mckenna said...

Love your cat ~ what a character leaving a mouse in the bowl ~ Lovely photos of the mushrooms, colorful eggs and the koi ~ delightful post ~

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Loree said...

Yes koi always seem to want to eat everything in sight. My goodness what a lot of mushrooms you've got growing in your garden!

Andrew said...

Very nasty looking toadstools. The koi are very large.