6 Nov 2017


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As so often during the week the weather is nice and as soon as it comes to Saturday it gets, cold, grey and rainy. My friend Bunny and I wanted to go to an exhibition of Aborigines art, but as the wind blew us almost away we stayed home and started to talk about our past and things we had forgotten or we didn't know from each other. Memories from 1961 until now take quite a while until updated ! We had a nice afternoon and it is so funny to notice that for the same event we had completely different memories !

Last Sunday we 3, Nicole, Myriam and I wanted to go to the movie and see the film Victoria and Abdul. We got the cards but no seats and went to see another movie. So this time we came very early, got our entrance cards and also good seats.

I was really very curious to see this film, as I had seen quite a lot of documentaries and photos of the real Victoria and also read several books. So I thought they would bring out things which nobody knew yet, and that only after such a long time can be revealed.

Therefore I was rather disappointed to discover a film which was named a "Drama" but I would call it rather a comical drama, because we had to laugh a lot. It was a film as we call it in French "à l'eau de rose" which means "mushy" a little too romantic. And as pure "coincidence" the film came out just in time talking about Muslim religion and even two phantoms in a burka were there. The wife and mother in law of Abdul.

I have to say that Dame Judy Dench is a wonderful actor and really played her role as if she was the Queen.

Victoria in real

and Judy as Victoria

The real Abdul

And Ali Fazal as Abdul

Honestly I preferred Ali to Abdul and found him very handsome, my friends too.

So instead of living an afternoon full of drama, we had one where we had a lot to laugh. Her son Bertie was not bad either !

One thing is for sure Victoria was a very intelligent and special woman ! Her statues are all over the UK, even in hidden corners !

After the cinema we had a glass together and then went home !


diane b said...

I enjoyed that film too. I agree it was jazzed up a bit but it made t entertaining. We are also watching Victoria on TV at the moment too. She was an amazing woman.

Andrew said...

I enjoyed the movie. It was clearly not a documentary. That looks like a painting of Abdul, and a flattering painting. The real Abdul in a photo looked very plain. Yes, Ali Fazil is hot.

Gattina said...

I replaced the Ali photos !

Mara said...

I didn't see this film, nor is it one I would like to see. Perhaps on television in future, but not in the cinema.

I saw in a documentary that after Victoria's death, Abdul was stripped of all of his ranks and titles and such and was sent back to India 'where he belonged'.

Tamago said...

Wow your macro shots look so dreamy!
I haven't seen the film but it sounds interesting!

Fun60 said...

Really sorry to have missed this film. Hoping to catch up with it on a flight sometime!

Linens and Royals said...

I don't like to watch movies about 'royalty' as I have my own ideas in my head and don't want to share.