20 Oct 2017


Symbol of Waterloo battle

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This time our Scrabble group met at Nicole's, the sun was shining and we could play on her terrace. As usual I was the second last or the first last as you wish.

Only for the coffee break we went inside because we had not enough space on our scrabble table.

Nicole has a very beautiful cat it's in plain wood and so heavy that you need at least 2 strong man to move it. I thought I try out a selfie with it, just to show how huge its head is and of course the fact that I don't have to wear glasses anymore (but this is  only between us)

We scrabbled until 6 and then went home, only two of us have still a husband waiting busy elsewhere.

On Sunday I discovered these ugly mushrooms in our garden ! There were lots and just yukky !

They were so strong that they had pushed my flower pot away ! Imagine ! Now I have nightmares that my house will be moved by alien mushrooms to another place or just turned over and my bed will suddenly be at the ceiling. Apparently I am not the only one suffering from this invasion my friends and neighbors complain too. Maybe the end of the world will be caused by mushrooms ! Who knows !

The cats weren't disturbed by these strange things and enjoyed the last warm days in our garden, just as I  did too. I wanted to buy a winter coat, but that's difficult when outside it's summer !

Big event ! We have a man in our group ! That's a long time it didn't happen. They all became too old or passed away. This one seems in good shape and takes the fact that he is the only man with humour ! I started a black cat ! Should bring luck !

My car is repaired and as Toyota is near to where Nicole lives I spent the afternoon with her waiting for the call that the car is finished, which of course never came and I picked it up at 5 of course it was ready since hours. They had forgotten ! Selling me a car they would have called at least 10 times ! Business is Business !

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Faith said...

how fun to play scrabble every week. One of these years I will retire and that is what i want to do!! have a scrabble group!! or hike a lot! God willing!!

wow...imthought that the selfie was with a strange looking dog!! thank God I read the write up.....a wooden cat!

Glad your car is done! i am going to need to car shop next summer I think. a dreaded chore. although test driving them is fun!

have a great weekend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Those cats sure do look comfortable taking a little cat nap.

Lea said...

Take a lesson from the cats: Relax, the End is not yet!
Lovely piece of wood art sculpture
Have a wonderful week-end!

Jean said...

Such a cool wooden cat sculpture. Never thought of the world ending by actual mushrooms! I also struggle to buy fall and winter clothing when it's warm out and of course, I don't want to go out and do it in the cold either! Hope you have a great weekend.

mamasmercantile said...

Loved the wooden cat, a great sculpture. The cats napping in the sun look comfortable.

Tamago said...

The wooden kitty is very cute. Nice selfie of you two!
I didn't know mushrooms could be so strong. I sure hope they won't break the floor of your home :-) Have a great weekend!

carol l mckenna said...

Magnificent sky shot ~ gorgeous clouds juxtaposed against the blue ~ ^_^

Love and Light,
A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka ~ (A Creative Harbor)

A Colorful World said...

Sorry so many of your group are passing away. Loved the work I could see of some of the group members. Pretty cat visitors. Hope you have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

I didn't know mushrooms could be that strong! It would be so fun to have a regular Scrabble group. That one man is very brave to join a painting group of women. Glad your car is repaired now!

Willow said...

That's an amazing cat! And just the kind The Professor would like.
That man is brave to join your group.
Hmmm, those mushrooms seem a bit scary--I may have to check and make sure that I don't have any growing around here!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful skies! The wood cat is quite amazing. LOL at the single man, and glad he has a sense of humor!

Fun60 said...

The middle of October and you are still playing scrabble outside. The weather is all mixed up but who cares when you have lovely warm sunny days in the Autumn.

Susanne said...

It must be wonderful weather over there to be playing scrabble outside. Those mushrooms are crazy! Yikes.

Tricky Wolf said...

I love the first two photos, what a brilliant monument, it creates a beautiful landmark on the skyline